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Washington lineman Matthew Cindric talks Utah unofficial visit

Washington lineman Matthew Cindric discusses his unofficial visits to Utah and Cal...

Skyline (Sammamish, WA) offensive lineman Matthew Cindric is taking his time as he sifts through a heap of offers from Pac-12 and MWC schools. 

“Right now, [I’m considering] all the Pac-12 schools that have offered me,” he said. “And just a couple of the Mountain West schools, Boise State, those schools [are the ones that] have been standing out. I’m trying to take the process slow, so I haven’t cut down too many things yet. But those schools are standing out, but I’m still kind of open to every school that’s looking at me, and has offered me. Until I cut those names down, sometime in the summer here, or in June.”

Cindric talked about the criteria he’s using for picking a school. “What I’m looking for is, first of all, great academics, something that can carry me once football’s done. I’d [also] say [I’m looking for a place] I can see myself living for three, four, five years. Where I feel comfortable and can enjoy myself and have a good college experience. And lastly, just a place where I feel like I can develop the most as an athlete and a person. You want to be able to go somewhere where you can be able to play and make an impact, so those are sort of the three main things I’m looking for.”

With many schools to consider, the 6-foot-4, 265 pounder has already taken several unofficials to programs of interest. “I took an unofficial last July to [Wazzu]. And then recently I went to junior day at Washington and Oregon State,” he said. “I went down to UCLA and USC, and then just recently, last weekend actually, I went down to Cal and Utah, so those are the schools I’ve seen so far.” 

Cindric was impressed by both Utah and Cal and discussed the main selling points of each school. “Utah was great,” he said. “I heard about the football program a lot and kind of knew them, their tradition, but not as much the school, so it was good to kind of get to see the school a little bit more and learn more about their [academic] programs. And just for football, they have a rich tradition of having great teams. 

“They’ve been ranked every year for the past five years at some point in the season, so that was kind of cool to see. Their tradition [with] defensive line [was impressive]. They have the second-most defensive linemen in the NFL, so they obviously have good tradition there. I got to meet some of the coaches: coach Powell the d-line coach, and coach Scalley, the defensive coordinator. I got to talk with them and that was nice to talk with them, kind of see what their plans are for me and just kind of what they are as a program. 

“And then, coach Ena, the middle linebackers coach, who [recruits] up here, took us around and it was a really great visit overall. Utah’s just kind of said, whatever I want to play, they’re ready for me. So offense or defense. But I feel it’s more of a defensive offer,” he said. 

Onto Cal, Cindric continued. “Cal was very nice. The city of San Francisco and Oakland is beautiful. I thought the campus was really nice, and from an academic standpoint, it’s hard to beat. And from a football standpoint, the new coaches, they’re going to do something that’s pretty special there, they have a great staff, they all have great track records. 

[Cal offensive line] coach [Steve] Greatwood, I got to talk to him a little bit. He’s a great coach, coached at Oregon for twenty-something years and just seems like he’s super knowledgeable about the game. Just has a good philosophy, and I feel like I could fit in well with his system. And just meeting with coach Wilcox, he’s just a great coach and I feel like he’s going to put Cal back on the radar in the Pac-12. I think that that’s definitely a place where they’re on the up. I could definitely see what all the hype is about Cal, and they’re definitely on the way up. [They see] me as a guard or center.”

To wrap up, Cindric was asked why he thinks so many schools are after him. “I try to be the best leader I can, try to be a great person on and off the field, and hopefully my coaches kind of share that with the college coaches,” he said. “I also try to be great academically. But also to the football field, I try to bring that intenseness and kind of a tenacity, just kind of getting after it, never taking a play a play off, I just try to go all out. A lot of coaches have said that they like that I play both ways the entire game. That’s just all I’ve ever done so that’s all I know. I feel like they just like my hard work and just trying to get after it every play.”


Cindric says he doesn’t have any official visits planned as of yet but will work them in around his high school sports schedule. “We usually have a few Thursday games each year. Once I get those scheduled out, I’ll try to take my officials those weekends. So however many of those I can get in. I also play basketball too, so I’ll try to fit [the visits] in around that schedule as well.” … The senior-to-be doesn’t want to rush into anything, with a decision likely coming after the season. “I would say the earliest would be August through November-December,” he said. “I don’t really have a specific time or date. If I put a date on it, then I feel like I’ll rush into a decision, maybe make a decision that I wasn’t ready for” … Cindric is being recruited for offense and defense and says at this point he’s fine either way. “Maybe as this year goes on I’ll kind of decide that, but right now, I just want to play football,” he said. “So wherever I feel like I fit best, it doesn’t really matter what side of the ball I play.”  

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