There is talent in every state to be had, but sometimes it's best to recruit heavily populated areas like Texas and California because it's more likely for a coach to find another prospect out of the blue.

Everybody knows that Utah head coach Urban Meyer and his coaching staff will hit the road running looking for players that fit their offensive and defensive philosophy. The prep time starts now, however, and not after the season like many people might think. You have to recruit year-round to get the best possible players for any given program.

A few states the Utes are starting to explore are Oklahoma and Missouri. Colorado is another state the Utes have been chasing prospects for quite some time.

So will it prove to be beneficial down the road? Only if two things happen: A) Utah wins and proves that recruits will get a chance to play in bowl games and, B) the effort is put forth by the coaching staff on the recruiting trail.

Do not doubt coach Meyer when it comes to recruiting. He is an excellent recruiter, especially one-on-one in the all-important in-home visit that often times determines where a recruit will finally decide to go to college.

Speaking of big-time recruits, wide receiver Marquis Johnson of Hutchinson, KS Junior College is tentatively slated to officially visit the Utes after the season. He signed with Texas out of Centennial High School in Champaign, Ill.

Another name to remember: Brian Johnson, a quarterback from Texas that the Utes really like.

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