Anyone that is not a believer in the Utah football program needs to take a look at the reflection in the mirror.

I don't need to see the stat sheet, it doesn't tell the story. What does count is that everyone on the Utah coaching staff was in tune with every one of the players on the football field Friday night and it paid off for a huge 17-13 victory over the visiting Oregon Ducks.

There is no question that Oregon had a lot more physical talent. But it didn't matter as the Ducks were completely out-coached and simply did not make enough big plays, especially on offense, to updend the Utes.

Hats off to head coach Urban Meyer and his entire staff of assistant coaches. They got the job done by keeping Oregon off balance all night long with the play calling and mulitiple formations on offense. It was a joy to watch.

There are really too many players to name for game balls, but I will start with two on defense: defensive end Josh Savage and cornerback Josh Weddle. Both players were outstanding.

On offense, what can you say about the Utah offensive linemen? They gave quarterback Alex Smith ample time to find his receivers and it lead to a huge night for Smith -- 340 passing yards, a career high.

Then you have wide receiver Steve Savoy. Talk about your break out performances! Wow, baby! Savoy's six receptions for 176 yards and a touchdown helped keep the Utes close until the game deciding touchdown pass from Smith to tight end Ben Moa in the final stanza with 13:07 remaining.

From there the Utes defense put on the heat, lead by Savage and Weddle, but everyone on the Utah defense came to play. Holding Oregon to only 13 points is amazing considering the amount of talent they have at wide receiver alone.

What does this victory do for the Utah football program? Exposure.

Now every time coach Meyer or one of his assistants pick up the phone to call a recruit they will listen a little more closely. This bodes well for recruiting.

A statistical overview on both sides of the ball will be up on Monday.

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