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Utah State is 0-2 and would love nothing more than to get their first win against Utah. Here are comments from head coach Brent Guy and a few of their players.

Head Coach Brent Guy:


On the Arkansas game


"Arkansas was obviously the team we knew they could be as far as their explosiveness on offense. (Darren) McFadden - we saw the reason why he was the Southeastern Conference (newcomer) of the year. At times we moved the ball better than we did in the Wyoming game. If you look at the stats we had 18 first downs and so did Arkansas, but the difference was their ability to make big plays. They made some big throws and a big, long run... The biggest thing that has us in a bad spot is we are not scoring points because we can't finish drives. The reason drives are stalling is because we are getting too many third and longs. Most of our first downs came on second and short or second and medium."


"We are doing a good job hanging onto the football and creating turnovers when we can. We cleaned up our penalties. I was pleased about that. We were down to three. That was one area I was real concerned about that had caused us a lot of problems against Wyoming. We did get a sack and did not allow a sack, which was a real positive for us, because that is a very tough, fast defense that attacks you."


"The area that concerns me the most are (special) teams, where we have to help ourselves in field position... Leon (Jackson) is punting the ball very well. We are just not doing a very good job in covering punts."


"We have got to score points. We have got to start faster, score points, and give ourselves a chance to be in the game in the fourth quarter."


On Leon Jackson


"I think he got frustrated the first game with the way things went. We could never get first downs. We got more first downs and drives started (against Arkansas). The thing that I thought Leon did the best, even though he didn't complete as many balls, was when he had to throw the football away, he did. When he scrambled he was always looking down the field and two different times he found receivers and continued drives... We are not taking sacks... He did a good job in the run game, checking it... He is doing what we are asking him to do. He is not playing perfect yet... I think he understands and knows what we want to do with our offense and will help us win. He can win football games for us."


On the offense not scoring in two games


"I think they need to watch the film and understand that when you get into third and long it is very hard to continue drives. We had 14 third downs and I believe nine of them were seven yards or more (against Arkansas). That is in the defense's favor. We have got to get more of those to medium distances, which are four, five or six (yards) and then convert on third and short. It comes down to them to finish drives and when you look at what happened on those drives, when we got into a third and long, they couldn't convert it."


On the team


"The kids are still with us... They are fine. They are frustrated like the coaches are. The defense is frustrated that they get into a second and two, which is a waste down and they (Arkansas) raise up and throw one over our head. Those are the things that you get frustrated with. The offense is frustrated that we get into the Red Zone and we get a fourth and two and let the clock run out or we get a penalty. We break off a nice run early in the game and Kevin (Robinson) gets a holding penalty on the side. Those are the little things that they see where we have chances to do stuff and go score, but we don't. I feel good about our kids believing in what we are doing. We don't have a lot of seniors on defense and we do have some seniors on offense."


On Utah


"Their offense is still pretty much the same as we saw a year ago. You see some of the Oregon protection in it and their style of passing, but you still see the quarterback read zone stuff where they motion guys in the backfield. I think the biggest difference in watching the two games was against UCLA they had a hard time throwing and catching the football. They didn't catch and throw the ball near as well as they did against Northern Arizona. Obviously they were playing against a lot better personnel. They turned the ball over three times against UCLA. They got it going pretty good against Northern Arizona and scored pretty quickly on them and didn't have any turnover issues."


"They give you a lot of different looks... They are very multiple... They don't have quite the depth and speed at receiver they had a year ago."


S Terrance Washington


On the Utah game


"It is a big game for us being in-state rivals. We are looking to come out and get our first win of the year. We are playing at home and want to defend our home turf."


On playing at home


"Playing in front of our home crowd - that little extra boost that we will get playing at home - should help us a lot."


QB Leon Jackson III


On the Utah game


"As a team this is very important. It is against our in-state rivals. Since I have been here we haven't been too successful against them, but we are pretty poised and grateful to have this opportunity to play our in-state rivals at home."


On the offense


"All we have to do is execute what is being called and those plays will happen. It is not necessarily throwing a 40-yard bomb. A five-yard pass can easily turn into a 40-yard play, especially against a team like Arkansas, which ran a lot of man. Those short passes can end up being deep passes so it is executing what we have called."


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