Game Log: Utah over TCU

Both Utah and TCU wanted to rebound, but only one team would win Thursday night. I watched the game and kept a running diary of the action as Utah got back on track and downed the Horned Frogs.

Before kick-off:
Argy Stathopolis is the sideline reporter. Her name sounds like a strain of bacteria or an ancient Greek city. She just tells us about the TCU injury woes.

13:33 in the first:
The Horned Frogs run a 4-2-5 defense. If Ute runners, especially Poston, can get to the second level they can gets some extra yards against DB's.

13:00 in the first:
Glen Parker, the color analyst, tells us the battle of the night is between the Utah tackles and the TCU defensive ends. The very next play Poston gets to the outside, edge, at least on that play goes to the Utah tackles.

12:15 in the first:
Dropped pass, albeit a high pass, costs the Utes a third down conversion. A nice punt gives TCU the ball inside their own 10.

10:30 in the first:
Here is something you don't hear about most defensive ends every day, "the former 185-pound wide receiver".

9:07 in the first:
Over and under on hearing the name "Weddle" from the announcers: 35.

8:25 in the first:
Terrible camera work on Casteel's run. They follow the play to the middle of the field , while the play is actually going for a loss to the bottom of the screen.

6:38 in the first:
Sakoda pins his second punt inside the 20. This one is just outside the 15. Utah dominating the field position battle.

6:25 in the first:
Under Armor is everywhere. They sponsored the key battle segment, they have run several ads and even the referee is wearing an Under Armor mock turtleneck that you see every time he announces a penalty.

5:13 in the first:
Ratliff does an amazing job to stay alive and complete an eight yard-pass. Two pass rushers are in front of him, but he does a little stutter step, which freezes the defenders and he completes the pass.

4:43 in the first:
Ratliff not only fakes out the cameraman, but he also fakes out the TCU defense. Ratliff fakes the dive to Poston and scampers 23 yards to the right side. The Utes are driving!

3:45 in the first:
Casteel is behind the TCU defenders but the TCU defensive back gets a hand on the pass and deflects it away.

3:35 in the first:
Ratliff keeps it, but appears to be running in quicksand and comes up short of the first down. Time for the short field goal.

2:51 in the first:
Sakoda nails the field goal and the Utes lead 3-0. Nice drive. They used a lot of clock. Despite not converting on third down, they drive deep and come away with points.

1:35 in the first:
The Utah defense has come to play. So far just one first down and Ballard has been rushed on most pass plays.

0:00 in the first:
This quarter was all Utah. The Utes were better on both offense and defense, and were stellar in special teams. They dominated the field position battle. After all of that they lead just 3-0.

14:30 in the second
Wow. Somehow Wesson keeps the ball alive at the goal line and the Utes down a Sakoda punt at the two-yard line. Three punts, three balls pinned inside the 20.

13:37 in the second
Hobs has his helmet knocked off. In fact it appears to have flown over and nearly hit a few cheerleaders. The announcers with the obvious statement of the day "that was a highlight hit." Ya think? Guys getting their helmets knocked off never make the highlight shows.

11:49 in the second
The Utes run the old confused quarterback play. Ratliff raises his hands and walks off to the sideline as if he is perplexed. The announcers believe he is confused, but no one else buys it because no other Utah player moves or leaves his stance. The Utes go with the direct snap and get a small gain.

10:39 in the second
Ratliff with another great move. He sidesteps a pass rusher, and then gives home a little stiff arm push for added separation. He completes the pass over the middle to the one yard line.

9:31 in the second
Third and goal from the one. The Utes go with four wides, use a lot of motion and Casteel is wide open for the short TD. 10-0 Utes.

7:45 in the second
TCU is just marching down the field, thanks in part to a really long pass. They are inside the five.

7:08 in the second
Hobbs dives in from the one and the Frogs are within three. After being dominated by the Utah defense for the entire first quarter, they actually make this one look easy.

6:05 in the second
We just learned that there was a beautiful rainbow before the game. Has that ever been said on the football broadcast before?

4:35 in the second
Utah gets it right back. Ratliff goes deep but an under thrown pass goes through the hands of TCU's Coleman and right into the arms of Casteel for a 49-yard touchdown. The Announcers don't like the DB's attempt to catch the ball and wanted him to just bat it down. If your DB had a ball hit him in the hands and just batted it down, wouldn't you be upset he didn't try to catch it? Just a freak play really.

4:29 in the second
I am a little surprised every time they go down to Argy and a woman starts talking. Argy sounds too much like "Archie". I keep expecting to hear Archie Bunker speak every time they throw it down to her.

0:29 in the second
A holding call will bring back a long gain that would have given the Utes a chance at a field goal before the half. They are still near midfield, but face third and 20

0:19 in the second
Utes now at the 35, close to field goal range. Did the announcers jinx it by mentioning again the Sakoda has not missed a field goal all season?

0:05 in the second
You knew this was going to happen. After the announcers told us all game long that Sakoda had not missed a field goal all season, Sakoda misses a 47-yarder before the half.

6:56 in the third
Shocker, Sakoda pins TCU inside the 20 again. It is almost silly.

5:42 in the third
The Vs. channel has something called "Shark Hunters: East Meets West". Apparently it is being billed as the "ultimate tournament battle". In the end it appears to be a shark fishing contest. I guess bass were not challenging enough. If you use a fishing pole is it really hunting?

3:15 in the third
If Weddle did not do enough, he is now fielding punts. He has already played offense, defense and even held on the field goals. Pretty soon he may need to leave the game so he can go start up the bus.

10:04 in the fourth
Utes squander a great opportunity. They recover a fumble but have a pass picked in the enzone just moments later.

9:55 in the fourth
If Weddle has not done enough, he just forced a turnover on the very next play. It looked like a fumble at first, but now it seems to be a pick. His sixth of the year BTW.

7:45 in the fourth
Another field goal and the Utes now lead 20-7.

7:04 in the fourth
Utes force another turnover. That is the third of the quarter for the Ute defense.

5:00 in the fourth
Missed opportunity for TCU. Jackson hits his receiver in the hands and the kid can't haul it in. If TCU does not convert on the drive that one could really hurt.

4:14 in the fourth
TCU goes for it on fourth down but come up short. That probably does it for the Frogs.

0:00 in the fourth
The Utes win! Despite the one-sided loss to Boise State, Utah is 2-0 in the MWC. Big win for Utah.

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