Game Log: Utes win Armed Forces Bowl

The Utes keep getting it done in bowl games. After a shaky first 28 minutes, the Utes outclassed Tulsa and pulled out the win.

Before The Kickoff
It's the Armed Forces Bowl live from Ft. Worth. The Utes already have a win over TCU, the host school, so that is a good sign.

Tulsa is the Golden Hurricane, which is a strange nickname. First of all, there are no Hurricanes in Tulsa, as Oklahoma is a landlocked state. Secondly, why a Golden Hurricane? How is it gold?

We just learned that Tulsa's coach Steve Kragthorpe is more concerned with quality of life than he is pursuing the next coaching job. We'll see if that is true when the big boys start calling.

13:45 in the first

UCLA transfer Idris Moss gets a good gain on a wide receiver screen.

13:26 in the first quarter
Another transfer touches the ball for Tulsa. Former Oklahoma Sooner Courtney Tennial just carried the ball for the Hurricanes.

12:20 in the first quarter
Steve Tate comes on a delayed safety blitz and gets a big sack. The Utes will get the ball.

11:45 in the first quarter
Utes handoff to Casteel on the motion. He gets a good gain on first down.

11:37 in the first quarter
No pressure but the Mountain West has looked good so far in the bowl season, other than New Mexico that is.

11:02 in the first quarter
Weddle with the first down. Is there anything this kid can't do?

9:55 in the first quarter
The Utes convert on third and 15. They overcome a big sack, something Tulsa could not do.

7:55 in the first quarter
Utes cannot convert on third and long. They pick up about 10, but will go for the 45-yard field goal. Sakoda sneaks it through, his longest of the year. It is 3-0 Utah.

5:55 in the first quarter
The Ute defense holds again. They force Tulsa to punt on fourth and one and will get decent field position.

3:59 in the first quarter
The bad news is that the Utes have put the ball on the carpet twice this game. The good news is that they have recovered both fumbles. This one would not has counted as Tulsa was offsides.

3:20 in the first quarter
Tulsa fumbles a punt return and are VERY lucky to recover it. The Utes were all over the ball but this one became a scrum and Tulsa found the ball at the bottom of the pile.

1:53 in the first quarter
Finally an announcer makes mention of their ability to jinx a player. ESPN's Mike Patrick noted that whenever he mentions a player doing something good that he'll invariably screw up. He made mention of the hot free throw shooter missing right after he announces that they have made fifteen in a row. How many times have you watched a basketball game, heard the announcer talk about a free throw streak and then see the player miss the ensuing foul shot? I know I've yelled at the screen many times in that exact situation.

13:27 in the second quarter
The Utes have to hold. Tulsa has second and goal from inside the one.

13:01 in the second quarter
Is it a score or is it a fumble? Paul Smith goes over the pile and stretches the ball out. The ruling is a touchdown, but we will go to the replay official.

No great shock, the ruling stands and the Utes are charged with the timeout. 7-3 Tulsa leads.

11:48 in the second quarter
Derrick Richards just had a GREAT catch. He out jumps an unsuspecting Tulsa DB and gains 27 yards. Whatever his vertical jump is, he needed every inch.

10:58 in the second quarter
The announcer just confused Utah and BYU. Please send your letters to Todd Blackledge care of ESPN.

9:27 in the second quarter
Ratliff is flushed and a Tulsa player gets a finger or two on his foot, but it is enough to trip him up. Utes will go for another field goal.

8:50 in the second quarter
Sakoda does it again. This time from 39 and the Utes trail by one, 7-6.

4:26 in the second quarter
Smith has all day to throw, fakes the DB's with a shrug and finds a receiver open downfield.

4:00 in the second quarter
Another Tulsa fumble, but this time the Utes hang on and will take over near midfield.

3:14 in the second quarter
Utes give it right back. They drove down into Tulsa territory, but Ratliff has trouble with the handoff and fumbles the ball. Ratliff tries to scoop up the ball, not fall on it, and the Utes pay. Get his Pop Warner coach on the phone to remind him about falling on loose balls.

1:13 in the second quarter
Utes survive the fumble by forcing Tulsa to punt, but they will still kick themselves for not scoring after the initial Tulsa turnover.

:20 in the second quarter
Almost a disastrous end to the half. The Utes put the ball in the air and a Tulsa DB sniffs out the play. If the throw was any lower, the ball is picked and the Hurricane player could walk into the endzone. Luckily it sails high and the Utes have second life.

:02 in the second quarter
Two great plays by Ratliff. He scrambles for a first down and then drops a perfect pass into Wilson's hands on the far sideline. It will set up a very makeable field goal.

:00 in the second quarter
Sakoda knocks it through and the Utes lead 9-7 going into the half.

At the half:
Stupid question of the night goes to the ESPN sideline reporter who asks Kragthorpe "it looks like Smith is hobbling a bit, how with that affect his mobility?" Obviously if he's hobbling it will adversely affect his mobility.

13:30 in the third quarter
Great catch by Godfrey. Not only does he hand onto a tough ball, but he takes a huge hit right after he grabs the ball. Even tougher, he KNEW he was going to get pasted.

11:51 in the third quarter
If you can't score with conventional plays, go with some trickeration. The Utes do with the ‘hook and lateral' and Casteel scores for the Utes. Perfect opening drive for the Utes and they go up 16-7.

8:40 in the third quarter
Tulsa stalls, but get a great punt. The ball is downed near the one-yard line. The Utes have a lot of field ahead of them.

7:15 in the third quarter
Casteel busts off a 40-yard run and three plays after being at their own one, the Utes are now inside the Tulsa 40.

3:07 in the third quarter
The Utes stall inside the Tulsa 20. They commit a penalty and burn a timeout. Sakoda caps the drive with a field goal and the Utes take over 5:00 off the clock to boot.

1:37 in the third quarter
Tulsa was making a living with the receiver screen in the first half, but the second half the Ute defense has been really sniffing it out. It does not help that the Tulsa quarterback is really limping.

14:11 in the fourth quarter
Ratliff has another pass sail on him and it is a pick for Tulsa. After the return they have the ball at the Ute 38.

13:56 in the fourth quarter
They do. It is a big run for Adams, the Tulsa DB. Gain of 20+.

12:51 in the fourth quarter
This could be the game. Fourth and one inside the ten.

12:36 in the fourth quarter
They get the first. Had they failed to convert this one was over. They now have first and goal at the two.

12:14 in the fourth quarter
Tulsa runs a perfect QB bootleg, but Smith is stumbling and is brought down for a loss of one. Not sure if the injuries caused the stumble or if it was just dumb luck.

10:54 in the fourth quarter
Smith gets in the endzone but dives when he does not have to and is belted. No defenders met him at the line but he leapt into the endzone. The bad news for Smith is that two Utes were about a yard deep, which is where he jumped to, and they met him in mid-air.

Small break for the Utes, Tulsa misses the PAT.

7:48 in the fourth quarter
The Utes get one first down but no more and have to punt. They down it inside the five but Tulsa has taken the momentum back in this one.

5:39 in the fourth quarter
The Utes rush just a pair of players on third and eight, but Smith has no one to throw to and Tulsa is forced to punt. After the return the Utes have the ball inside the Tulsa 40 and are already close to field goal range.

3:37 in the fourth quarter
The Utes convert on third and short. Tulsa will need to start using timeouts pretty soon as they are running out of time.

2:28 in the fourth quarter
They are really running Weddle. They have used the do-everything player on the direct snap several times on the drive.

2:20 in the fourth quarter
Weddle keeps again, converts on third and short and the Utes should be able to pull this one off.

1:45 in the fourth quarter
Weddle again. They really want him to score on this possession. That and he does not fumble.

1:05 in the fourth quarter
Weddle walks in. He takes the direct snap, fakes inside and then bounces outside and strolls into the endzone.

The Utes will go for two and try to go up 14. Tulsa has the wrong personnel on the field and has to blow another timeout.

The two-point conversion fails. Tulsa still needs 12 points in a little over 1:00.

:27 in the fourth quarter
Sakoda is named Player of the Game. Not necessarily the greatest endorsement for the excitement of a game when the kicker is voted as the best player.

:02 in the fourth quarter
Tulsa calls a timeout. Not necessary and Kyle Whittingham is not happy. It just delays the Utes victory celebration.

:00 in the fourth quarter
What a fitting way to end the game and the season. Weddle with an interception.

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