Eric Weddle senior bowl update

Eric Weddle is trying to make a name for himself at the Senior Bowl. Specifically, he's trying to make a name for himself among NFL Scouts in Mobile. Although he was a consensus All-American, the standout defensive back cannot rest on his laurels.

Weddle came in and weighed in at 205 pounds but did not make a great first impression. According to observers on hand, the physical Weddle may need a little more work in the weight room. On Monday Weddle seemed to turn some heads. He showed great aggression but did not sacrifice good technique or decision making. Most observers were pleased with his discipline as well as his ability to hit.

Not surprisingly he showed real nice hands, but that should come to no surprise considering his success on offense and as a kick returner.

Tuesday may have answered the question about which position Weddle will play. Coming into the week he was seen as a guy who could play a number of places in the secondary, but after Tuesday he may be have found a home at safety. On the plus side he was very good supporting the run and playing close to the line of scrimmage. On the negative side he did not look overly comfortable in man coverage and had issues keeping up with speedy receivers downfield. He seems most suited to a team that uses a lot of zone coverages where he can take advantage of his great instincts.

Another positive from Weddle has been his leadership and maturity. He is quickly gaining the reputation as a "team guy" and the type of player who can be coached.

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