5 Minutes With Isaac Asiata

Spanish Fork (Utah) offensive lineman Isaac Asiata was the first addition to the Utes 2011 recruiting class. He gives us an update on his recruitment and how his offseason is progressing.

How's your summer going?

It's good. We're in the middle of team camp right now, just grinding it out.

So Why Utah?

I grew up a Utah fan. My whole family on my Dad's side are Utah fans. They've got a great program, a great team. They've got great coaches.

Were there any other schools you considered?

BYU was the first to recruit me. When you live down here everyone is all about BYU so I favored them, but they never offered.

Are there any other schools still recruiting you?

Washington and Utah State. Washington is pushing hard.

Are you going to be taking an official visit to Utah?

I'll be taking my official in December and then graduating high school early so I can enroll early and be there for spring ball.

Will you be taking any other visits?


The Utes have built up a pretty big recruiting class so far. Are you close with any of the other guys?

I pretty much talk to all of them. I'm closest to Travis Still. He's my teammate in high school. We always talked about playing together in college when we were growing up.

Are you going to come in as a guard or tackle?

I'm coming in as a guard. I like pulling and I'm good in space and they do a lot of pulling with their guards.

What position are you playing now?

I've been playing tackle since the 5th grade. I'll be at left tackle my senior year.

What are your goals for your senior year?

Winning region. Then taking state.

What are your goals between now and when you enroll?

They want me to lose weight down to 270 pounds. So I have to drop weight now and then they'll put it back on when I get there. Add more muscle.

Excited to be playing with your cousin Shawn Asiata next season?

Definitely. Shawn was balling out during spring ball.

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