5 Mintues With Keith McGill

The JC safety discusses his commitment to the Utes and how their move to the Pac 10 affected his decision....

You recently chose the Utes. Why Utah?

I like the program a lot. Them going to the Pac 10 was a big part of my decision. I loved Salt Lake City when I came out there to visit. Utah is a good fit with the coverage they play. I can be the next Robert Johnson.

What other schools have offered you?

There are a ton of them. San Diego State, San Jose State, USC, Arizona State, Arizona, Washington State, Kansas State, Oregon State. I went up to Oregon State, to Corvallis.

You recently mentioned USC or Utah? Are you considering the Trojans at all?

They were one of the first schools to offer me back in January, but I'm not considering them. I'm going to Utah.

You have great measurables at 6'4", 214 lbs, and 4.35 speed. Are those accurate?

Yeah. They're pretty accurate. I can run a 4.35 consistently.

How did Utah going to the Pac 10 affect your decision? Would you have gone to Utah had they not gone to the Pac?

Honestly, I would have gone elsewhere if they didn't join the Pac 10. I kept telling the coaches, ‘You've got to join the Pac 10.' Everyone wants to play against schools like USC. Them going to the Pac 10 is also going to have a big effect on recruiting.

Will you be coming out to visit Utah again?

I'll be coming out in January with my family after the season.

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