5 Minutes at Camp With Tony Bergstrom

The starting right tackle gives us his thoughts on being back at camp, the opening on the offensive line, being a leader, and Pitt...

How is it to be back?

Oh it's nice to be back. It's blazing hot, but I figure people pay a lot of money to come out like this and sweat in a sauna. This is therapeutic for us.

I saw you out there with some of the younger guys doing a bit of teaching. Taking more of a leadership role this year?

Yeah. I'm actually at a point in my career where I fell like I know what I'm doing a little bit. It's my third year so I finally feel like I have a grasp. I remember back to the guys like Zane Beadles and Dustin Hensel who coached me up, so I figure the only thing I can do is turn around and give that back.

You guys have an opening over at left tackle right now. How did it look today? Who do you think is going to slide into that spot?

I don't know. They're both good players. (John) Cullen has sweet hair, but Sam's (Brenner) probably got the sweeter hair. You saw that sweet fu-manchu and the mullet. Cullen is definitely quick and athletic. If you have to go on looks you have to go with Cullen. I mean straight looks. He's like a young Tony Bergstrom. Where as Sam obviously has the weight advantage and the strength advantage. It'll be a battle over there.

What did you work on in the offseason?

I put on a lot of weight. I was about 312 today. Don't tell anyone cuz I'm supposed to be 310. I got a lot stronger this offseason. I put on about 60 pounds on the bench press this year. Just basically a lot of strength and size I guess were the big things they stressed this year.

Any goals for fall camp?

I just want to be the best that I can. I want to try to get everyone around me better. My biggest goal is to make it fun for everyone. I want to be the guy to make it fun for everybody. Camp drags on, it gets depressing. This place is almost like a prison by mid-camp and I kind of want to be the guy to make it more fun for everybody. Keep everybody happy. When you play relaxed you play well.

Making the move to the Pac 10 in 2011, last year in the Mountain West. Expectations this year with a lot more people watching you?

What are we doing next year? I didn't even know about it. All I'm thinking about is Pitt. What conference do we play in again? All I know is we're playing Pitt.

Speaking of Pitt, they have two of the best defensive ends in the country.

Yeah, they're beastly guys. I've been lucky to play against some really good defensive ends. I went against Jerry Hughes and Tyson (Alualu) from Cal who went tenth in the NFL draft. I feel like I grew a lot from that. I've never been so thoroughly beaten as by Jerry Hughes in my life, in anything. Not even in chess. That was the game that I really grew a lot from. Playing against guys like that is the best preparation. Other than that, playing against the guys here. I think we have some of the best defensive ends in the country. They may not have all the media behind them, but they are good.

Any freshman hazing so far?

We don't haze here. We love everyone. We're the most caring family out here. They do have to earn their stripes though.

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