5 Minutes With Brandon Burton

The All-Conference DB candidate talks fall camp and expectations following the second scrimmage...

Brandon, pretty even day today between the offense and defense. First impressions of the scrimmage?

Good. Young guys flying around making plays. They know their assignments better. I think it was a solid day.

Anyone that stood out today and anyone that made a good impression?

I'd probably have to say Matt Martinez. He flew around and was making plays and leading by example so he did a real good job.

You're the only returning starter in the secondary. You taking the leadership role on your shoulders and running with it?

Definitely. I kinda have to. I'm just trying to setup guys for success right now. Tell them where to be, if they have questions I'm trying to be as accessible as I can right now. Trying to lead more vocally this year so that's what I'm trying to do.

You have a true freshman in Brian Blechen at strong safety. What are you thoughts on Blechen and what he is doing right now?

Blechen is a good talent. He's a really good football player. He just has to get his plays down a little bit more which he showed today. He's been making plays the last few days. He's going to be a great player.

He seems like a pretty big hitter out there. Does that help having him out there and sending guys toward you?

They see a big guy like that coming across and you hit them one good solid time and the next time they really think about coming across. Definitely a big intimidator.

You've been touted for a few preseason awards. What is it like having people always looking at you?

Actually, I heard about a couple of awards, which is great, but I try not to think about it. Just do what I do and just play great defense and all the accolades and the awards will come later.

You guys have a pretty solid defensive line with a lot of depth. With their ability to get to put pressure on the quarterback, how much does that help your game?

A lot. We can sit back there and they get pressure on the quarterback when he scrambles which makes our job a lot easier. We can start jumping more routes when the quarterback gets outside the pocket. D-line is doing a great job this camp and I expect that to continue this season.

You've spent a few weeks going against the offense. What are your impressions of the offense so far?

They're doing great. That's one thing that has been surprising in camp. The offense usually comes out slow, but they came out firing so this is a good sign. Jordan's done a great job being a leader. Terrance is doing a good job too and they're pushing each other. They're looking real good.

A lot of injuries in camp so far. What is it going to take to get everyone back and healthy?

Just doing things right and taking care of our bodies off the field. You see a lot of guys that get hurt and go out and stay on their feet all day when they need to relax and get treatment. Doing whatever they can to get back and help out the team.

Two weeks until Pitt. What do you need to work on between now and then?

Concentration on Pitt. There are a lot of young guys, and it's their first time up here. They are worried about school. There are a lot of things distracting them right now. Just concentration on Pitt and knowing their assignments.

What are you expectations for this season?

I expect an undefeated season. I wouldn't expect anything less, at least 11 to 12 wins.

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