Utah Beats Pitt- What Does It All Mean?

What can we make of the Utes overtime victory over Pitt?

What it all means

The Utes are good. They're not great, yet, but they're good. They outplayed Pitt in almost every facet of the game and should have won by 2 touchdowns. This is a Pitt team that is a BCS caliber team and could run the table the rest of the way.

The question marks at linebacker have been answered for now, mostly because of the play of the defensive tackles, allowing Chaz Walker, Chad Manis, and Matt Martinez to often go unblocked. With Walker having such a tremendous first game, we have to wonder what happens when J.J. Williams is healthy. I wouldn't be surprised if Williams took another week off to rest and get himself back to full strength given that Utah is playing a highly inferior opponent in UNLV next week. This will also give Whitt and Kilani Sitake another week to evaluate their linebackers and determine who the best three are. Walker and Manis were the two best in the Pitt game.

Brian Blechen is going to be a star. He had the play of the game in overtime with an interception and some people are calling him Eric Weddle 2. While that might be a bit of a stretch at this point, if Blechen can become even half the player that Weddle was, he'll still be a legend in the minds of Utah fans.

This team made more uncharacteristic mistakes against Pitt than I've seen a Kyle Whittingham team make in a long time. They were able to overcome those mistakes with talent, something that wouldn't have happened just a few years ago. Goes to show you how much the talent level has improved over the years.

Brandon Burton is a shut-down corner. He had help all night from Brian Blechen shadowing Jon Baldwin, but Burton showed that he could get the best of one of the top receivers in the country. He'll have one more giant test when he takes on Michael Floyd of Notre Dame. That outcome of that battle in November could be the difference between a BCS Bowl game and the Las Vegas Bowl. The coaches have to be very confident knowing that their best corner can stop anyone.

The Utes have found their number 2 receiver in DeVonte Christopher. Can they find number 3? Most teams can live with two receivers, but adding a third one that can make plays as well would make the offense almost unstoppable.

The run might not be as prevalent as we all thought. Utah passed 36 times and ran 27 times. Not a single person outside of the team and coaching staff thought that would happen. Eddie Wide only had 9 carries. UNLV doesn't play the same style of smashmouth football that Pitt does, so I expect a heavier dosage of Wide next weekend.

John Cullen can play. If he plays all season like he did against Pitt, the offensive line has to be considered on of the top 5 lines in the country. They're that good.

If they can learn from and fix the mistakes from the first game (turnovers and penalties), this team will be better than most people thought. The first hurdle towards an undefeated season is behind them and the Utes SHOULD now be 8-0 by the time TCU comes to town.

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