Utes Keeping Tabs on Washington Athlete

Washington (Skyview) athlete Ellis Henderson has a few offers already, but is hoping a strong senior season can bring more his way...

How is your recruitment going so far?

Pretty good. Just going with the flow right now. Starting to plan out my trips a little bit for the fall and just excited to see how it goes.

Where are you planning on taking trips to?

Right now Hawaii, probably Boise State, and probably an unofficial to University of Washington and Oregon, but I have 5 so I'm trying to leave a couple open to see if there are any other places I can go to.

What teams have offered you so far?

Hawaii, Idaho, Washington State, New Mexico State, Air Force and I think that's it.

Are there any other schools that you are talking to that haven't offered?

Boise State I talk to a lot. I talk to Missouri a little bit. I talk to Utah. Oregon and Washington, we're kind of off and on and I think both of those have now offered other guys.

Who is showing you the most interest?

Idaho is showing a lot of interest, I talk to their coaches a lot. Montana a lot of interest, Boise State. UCLA on and off. I haven't really talked to the coaches that much, but there have been a lot of letters I've got from them lately.

Do you have a favorite at this point?

No. I'm pretty open minded right now.

How much are you talking to Utah right now? What position are they recruiting you at?

I mostly talk to them through letters and emails. I actually haven't talked to the coaches one on one yet so I'm no really sure about what they see me as, but I've been recruited as an athlete so far so some schools say wide receiver and some schools say corner.

What position would you prefer to play?

I know it sounds corny, but I'll play anywhere that gets me on the field to be honest.

What factors are you looking at when deciding on a school?

Definitely school comes first. I want the school to feel right and fit me academically. I feel like if I go to s certain school and I visit that school, I'm hoping there's going to be a certain thing that clicks and have a good feeling about that school when I'm there.

When do you plan on making a decision?

Right now, probably midway through the season this year.

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