MinerReport Reviews Last Night's Scrimmage

The MinerReport was at Saturday night's scrimmage, and we got a preview of the offensive power and potential that this Miner team has. While the offense was impressive, the defensive side of the team was off their game. A few photos are also included in the article.

The Miners had their first scrimmage with officials on hand in August. All we have to say about this scrimmage is that it was all about the Miner offense. The defense had a tough night especially towards the end of the scrimmage. The lone big highlight for the defense was Linebacker Adam Vincent's interception off of Kyle Wright, which he ran back 24 yards back for a touchdown.

The Miner offense was on fire, but we can only say that because of their passing attack, the running game for the Miners was almost a non-factor. The defense held the running backs to 83 yards total on 28 carries. The passing game for the Miners was a different story, QB Trevor Vittatoe hit 18 of his 23 passes for 252 yards and 3 TDs. QB/WR Lorne Sam also had a good night with 8 out of 9 completed passes for 99 yards and one TD. The Miner QBs completed 30 out of 43 passes, had a total of 418 yards with 5 TDs and 1 INT.

Red-shirt freshman wide receiver Kris Adams, continues to impress everyone with his outstanding plays. Adams had a fantastic scrimmage out there, he caught only two catches last night but both of them were long ball TD passes of 53 and 41 yards. Jake Sears, Brandon Jordan, and Joe West all had one TD reception. Overall the receivers and QBs had a field day. The concern on how the Miner backfield will do is now a top question mark that will need to be answered in the next couple of weeks.

Fred Rouse finally showed the Miner fans what all the hype around him was about. Rouse returned a punt 83 yards for a TD, he also had a 91 yard kickoff return for a TD. We didn't get a chance to see much of Fred Rouse during this month's practice sessions, but he sure made his presence known last night and we have to say that we were impressed. There was a crowd of maybe a couple hundred people, but they showed their love for Rouse, with cheering and applauding during and after his TD sprints.

With the offense hitting its stride in practice, it is likely that the defense will now become the coaches top priority. Less than two weeks remain before the Miners square off against the New Mexico Lobos, so some defensive factors such as the defensive line and pass defense will need to be addressed real soon. UTEP now also needs to focus all of its attention on New Mexico, instead of each other.

UTEP will hold practices Monday thru Friday at 9:00 A.M. with a scrimmage scheduled for next Saturday as well. The MinerReport will be there to get you the latest news on your UTEP Miners.

Official Stats from the UTEP Athletics website
Blue 52, White 7

Blue - Martinez 31 field goal
Blue - Vittatoe 54 pass to Adams (Martinez kick)
Blue - Vittatoe 9 pass to Moturi (Martinez kick)
Blue - Rouse 91 kick return
Blue - Sam 41 pass to Jordan (Martinez kick)
Blue - Vittatoe 17 pass to Sears (Martinez kick)
Blue - Rouse 83 punt return
White - Vincent 24 interception return
Blue - Wright 40 pass to Adams (Martinez kick)

Vittatoe 18-23-252-3 TD, Sam 7-8-99-1 TD, Wright 4-8-56-1 TD-1 INT, Springer 1-4-11, Totals 30-43-418-5 TD-1 INT.

Adams 2-94-2 TD, West 4-79, Jackson 3-41, Jordan 1-41-1 TD, Sears 3-40-1 TD, Fematt 2-24, Hunt 3-22, Rouse 3-22, Moturi 3-19-1 TD, Hunter 2-14, Day 2-11, M. Thomas 1-7, Williams 1-4, Totals 30-418-5 TD.

Williams 5-31, Frazier 4-14, Sam 4-10, Jackson 2-13, M. Thomas 5-8, Givens 2-0, Vittatoe 1-(-2), Totals 23-74.

Brown 5, Morrow 5, Demps 4, Kelly 4, Jones 3, Olalekan 3, O'Neill 3, Vincent 3.

Carter 1, Dew 1.

Fred Rouse after a TD punt return

Vittatoe leading the offense

Fred Rouse on his way to another TD

Brandon Jordan after a TD catch, showing he has the ball

Jeremy Springer leads the offense

Coach Mike Price talks to his men after the scrimmage ends

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