UTEP Hoops Report

The MinerReport was able to see some of the new Miners in individual workouts. Check out what we have to say about their performances.

The Big Men:
Kareem Cooper will be huge for the Miners when he is ready to go next year. Cooper was consistently knocking down shots from the elbow and free throw line. He can also throw it down with authority. If he keeps his weight down, and has a good attitude (he was smiling and cheering on the other guys and they were all hugging and stuff), he will be a great addition to the basketball team.

Claude Britten is athletic and will be very good. He can knock it down from 10-12 feet as well as take it strong to the basket. We sure hope he can play this year. He needs to get into shape as well. Barbee told him: "If you improve your work ethic you will be a real mother++++++. If not, you will be ordinary," he responded well to that and played hard after that. Britten looks ready for D1.

Wayne Portalatin is not as athletic as Cooper and Britten. He will get us a few boards but may have a longer adjustment period.

The Guards:
Randy Culpepper looks like he can knock it down from anywhere. Culpepper can also dunk the crap out of the basketball, it was an incredible sight to see. We are not sure that he is a true point guard however.

Corey Speight also looks like he can take and make the shot from anywhere. We honestly think Speight is the Miners best, pure PG. He is just not athletic enough for Barbee's system, but he can shoot and handle the ball real well.

Speight and Marvin Kilgore did by far the best in the ball handling drills. Kilgore's shot does seem to have improved (slightly). Kilgore looks like he will start for sure.

Julyan Stone struggled, both mentally and physically, he was having a tough time. He has nice size for a guard, but his shot was erratic and he was having a tough time over all.

We will have more Miner hoops news for you soon.

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