Darius Austin Decides to Play for UTEP

Darius Austin, the talented wide receiver out of Booker T. Washington High School in Houston, Texas, has given his verbal commitment to play for the UTEP Miners. The MinerReport was able to talk to Darius Austin about his decision to attend to UTEP and play for Coach Price. Read the article below for the full interview.

Darius Austin, on Wednesday evening decided to end his recruiting process by committing to play for UTEP. Austin, now seems happy about his decision and that the recruiting process for him is over.

MR: Darius, are you glad that the recruiting process is over and now you can concentrate on other stuff?
DA: Yes, now I can relax and concentrate on our playoff game next week, and on my senior year in high school.

MR: Where you recruited to play wide receiver by UTEP?
DA: Yes, they want me to play wide receiver. Some people say that I'm too small to play WR, but its all about how big your heart is, I have a big heart and thats what counts, and you can win against anyone as long as you have the heart to win.

MR: What other schools were you hearing from?
DA: TCU, New Mexico State, SMU, and a bunch of other schools.

MR: Darius, what were your main reasons for wanting to go to UTEP?
DA: UTEP is a great school, and I really feel that I can make a big impact playing for this team. I really like Coach Mike Price and the other coaches too

MR: What impressed you the most about Coach Price and the other coaches at UTEP?
DA: I really like Coach Price and Eric Price. Another reason for choosing UTEP was the family aspect of the coaches at UTEP, when I found out that Coach Price had his two sons coaching there with him, I really like that a lot, that was a big plus for me.

MR: What was your impression of El Paso, when you came on your official visit?
DA: It was great, when I got off the plane I was happy to see how peaceful and calm it is over there. Here in Houston, it can be a loud place with car radios sounding off everywhere, so I liked the calmness of El Paso a lot. The school was great, I liked the setting of it. I am not that into colder weather, I prefer to stay warm, so playing in a warm city like El Paso helped in my decision to attend UTEP.

MR: Would you like to make an impact immediately at UTEP or would you like to take your time learning the system?
DA: The coaches want what is best for me, so I'll be ready to play as a true freshman if they need me to, or I can do it however the coaches want me to. I am a leader and will do my part wherever they need me to.

MR: Are you excited about joining a Miner team that loves to throw the ball?
DA: I researched and got a lot of information on the schools that were recruiting me, and I saw how UTEP's offense has been throwing for a lot of yards so that was a good sign for me to go there. I talked to Joe West on my visit there and he talked about how he loved playing for UTEP, so that was good.

MR: How is your season going at Washington this year?
DA: We have a new quarterback this year, who is learning how to play at this level, so it isn't going as well as last year but it is getting better. This past week I had a 96 yard punt return for a touchdown so it is getting better.

MR: How are your grades so far this year?
DA: I have a 3.6 GPA and I am ranked 6th in my class.

MR: Do you have anything you would like to say to the Miner fans reading this article on the MinerReport.com?
DA: I'm looking forward to becoming an impact player down there and making some big plays for UTEP.

MR: Darius, thank you for your time.
DA: Thank you.

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