Watching football is like watching pornography. There's plenty of action, and I can't take my eyes off it, but when it's over, I wonder why the hell I spent an afternoon doing it. ~Luke Salisbury

LAST WEEK (9-0)-----OVERALL (19-2)

Akron @ Kentucky – Akron has a very relevant nickname for this game. I wonder if the soccer team is the Akron Nils? UK 27 – Akron…

Mississippi State @ LSU – The Bengals didn't look particularly good against VU last week, but then, they didn't need to. They're plenty good enough beat the Bulldogs, though. LSU 28 – Mississippi State 15.

Furman @ South Carolina – South Carolina has the freshman of the year in Lattimore. His running, coupled with Garcia's improved passing game, make South Carolina a legitimate contender for the East title. They will certainly destroy Furman. Gamecocks 52 – Furman 6.

Arkansas @ Georgia – Georgia's inexperience at the skill positions doom the bulldogs. Arkansas 24 – Georgia 20.

Alabama @ Duke – Total bloodbath for Duke. Ingram's back and will be trying to make up for lost ground. Tide 45 – Duke 10.

Clemson @ Auburn – On the road the Plainsmen might have trouble, but at home, with War Eagle circling the stadium. Auburn 20 – Clemson 10.

Florida @ Tennessee – At one time, this would be one of the must-see games of the weekend. No longer, unless you are fond of watching train wrecks. On paper, Florida is way better than the Vols. On grass, it may be a different story. UTK will try to build on the first half of the Oregon game, and forget the second half. It will nearly work. Gators 28 – Big Orange 24.

Vanderbilt @ Mississippi – There's no indication that Vandy has any clue how to correct the mental and physical errors that have plagued them the first two games. The defense may keep them in the game, but you can't win if you can't score.

Ole Miss 17 – Vandy 10. Top Stories