The SEC East of football is becoming the SEC West of basketball. The East is as weak as I can ever remember. After 4 weeks, Vandy is tied for second. Fortunately, every east team has five other east teams to play. And VU is lucky enough to play Ole Miss, every year.

LAST WEEK (6-1)-----OVERALL (32-4)

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Louisiana-Monroe @ Auburn – Time to rest the starters after the first quarter here. War Eagles 42 LA-MO 6.

Alcorn @ Mississippi State – Tried to learn something about Alcorn State, but the last result for football on the web site was for October 2009. This won't be pretty. MSU 58 – Alcorn 10.

Kentucky @ Ole Miss – Easily the most interesting game of the week. Parks and Recreation should be in charge of bat caves and bats, so we have--wait for it-- Batman vs. the Joker. Mississippi is probably better than they played against VU, and I suspect that UK is about as good as they played against the Gators. That makes it Mississippi 31 – Wildcats 20.

Tennessee @ LSU – Tennessee heads into the meat of their schedule this week, but it looks like the other teams are the carnivores. LSU is no UAB, and that spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E for the Vols. Bengals (a noted carnivore) 28 – Smokey (prey) 13.

Georgia @ Colorado – Clearly a case where the records do not indicate the quality of the teams. Georgia will be so happy to be playing a team that is not the caliber of Auburn, South Carolina or yes, even MSU, that they will dominate the Buffs. Georgia 31 – Colorado 14.

Florida @ Alabama – The Tide is number one until they lose to someone. It ain't gonna be the Gators. ‘Bama 28 – Florida 17.

Vandy @ Connecticut – It's tempting to think that Vandy's offense has turned the corner ( or at least has the corner in sight) in view of last week's 4-touchdown performance against Ole Miss, but consider this: once again VU took the first quarter off on offense. Two of the three offensive touchdowns were virtual gifts (an 80-yard run and a short-field TD after a fumble). Even the 96-yard drive, beautiful as it was, took a 35-yard capper to get to paydirt. I'd take Vandy and the points, but straight up, it's UConn 21 – Vandy 17. Top Stories