There's a new mandatory math class for UTK football players and coaches: "How to count to 11 while wearing shoes." The SEC West continues to beat the SEC (l)East. If this keeps up, the championship game is going to be a joke. This week is a picker's nightmare-when 2 bad teams play, it's anybody's guess, and LSU-FLA and UTK-UGA are toss-ups, no matter what the oddsmakers say.

LAST WEEK (6-1)-----OVERALL (36-5)

The Emu (pronounced /'i?mju?/[4]), Dromaius novaehollandiae, is the largest bird native to Australia and the only extant member of the genus Dromaius.

Alabama @ South Carolina – East vs. West. Especially when it's Alabama is a pretty easy one. Tide 31 – Chickens 17.

LSU @ Florida – LSU must be the worst 5-0 team in the country. I believe Les Miles will finally lose a game for the Bengals. FLA 17 – LSU 15.

Tennessee @ Georgia – Georgia just CAN'T be that bad. Les Miles (East) will lose this game for the Vols. UGA 17 – UTK 15.

Arkansas @ Texas A & M – Arkansas is battle-tested. A & M has lost to their only quality opponent. Pigs 28 – Aggies 14

Auburn @ Kentucky – Another East vs. West. Can there be any doubt? Auburn 41 – UK 20

Mississippi State @ Houston – MSU seems to have played a better quality of competition than Houston. That experience will serve them well against the Cougars. MSU 21 – Houston 12.

Eastern Michigan @ Vanderbilt – You can see why EMU picked the eagle instead of emu as a mascot. That is one foul-looking fowl. EMU apparently has no defense, giving up an average of 42.8 points per game. It seems unlikely that they will have an answer for Vandy's running game. Vandy 38 – EMU 10 Top Stories