Vanderbilt-Eastern Michigan As It Happened

Vanderbilt started out slow but then used a 24-point second quarter to build a 31-3 halftime lead over Eastern Michigan. Look inside to see Don Yates' commentary as the game progressed.

(Time CST)

4:13 and I'm in the press box. The EMU football team is walking across the field below right now wearing suits and carrying their gym bags.  I see maybe 10 people other than ushers/ workers in the stands.  Out in the parking lot there are maybe 3 or 4 thousand tailgaters max.  Looks like it will be a sparse crowd today. If you can come on out and support the team.

4:44 Vandy will wear all black tonight. It's pretty hot but the shade is rapidly moving into the stadium.

5:00 1 hour out and maybe 200 people are in the stands. The Vandy team is out warming up in full uniform. 

5:46 Crowd looking better.  We might have well over 20,000. This isn't another Eastern Kentucky type turnout disaster that we had a few years ago.

5:52 Don't see too many EMU fans here.  Their alumni org had a tent in the end zone with food/ drink.  It's a pretty big school so I imagine they have a few grads in middle Tennessee. I hope they win a game this season but not today.

6:02 Vanderbilt wins toss and defers. EMU  to receive.



6:05 Kickoff touchback in end zone.

6:07 Long pass by EMU falls incomplete.

6:07 Campbell tackles EMU runner for 2-yard loss at 18.

6:08 On third down EMU throws incomplete under pressure.

6:09 John Cole returns punt to 1-yard line!!!   1st and goal Vandy! Under review. Confirmed no score.

6:11 Larry Smith scores on a QB sneak.  They had Wesley Tate back there as a decoy. Vanderbilt 7, EMU 0 clock 13:47.  Vandy's first first-quarter score of the season.

6:16 Walker May kills the EMU return man at the 23.

6:17 Offside on Vanderbilt.

6:18 Rob Lohr drops EMU runner for loss of 3.

6:18 On third-and-6 EMU pass complete to EMU 27.  Fourth and 2.

6:19 Cole hit hard at VU 24 on punt return. 

6:23 Stacy runs for 4 on second down.

6:24 Smith throws incomplete to Cole on third and 4.

6:24 VU punt returned to EMU 22. 

6:25 EMU pass on first down falls incomplete.

6:25 EMU runs for 17 to EMU 40.

6:26 EMU runs for 6 on 2nd down.

6:26 EMU passes to VU 35.

6:27 John Stokes tackles EMU runner for loss of 2.

6:28 EMU passes to VU 13.

6:29 EMU QB Gillett runs to VU 10.

6:29 False start on EMU.

6:30 EMU pass falls incomplete in end zone. Had one wide open there.

6:31 On third and 13 EMU QB runs to VU 5.   Forces a 4th and 3 situation.

6:31 EMU kicks a 22-yard field goal.   Vanderbilt 7, EMU 3 clock 5:51

6:34 EMU kicks off.   Short kick by EMU is caught by Mason Johnston at VU 41.

6:35 Short pass to Warren Norman who goes to EMU 35.

6:36 Smith runs to EMU 26.

6:36 Norman runs to 23 for a VU first down.

6:37 Norman runs to EMU 15.

6:38 Norman runs to EMU 12 for first down.

6:38 False snap on Vandy moves ball back 5.

6:39 Snap snafu results in fumble recovered by EMU at 23.

6:39 EMU pass to EMU 43.

6:40 EMU runs for first down at VU 46.

6:41 EMU runs for one yard.

6:42 Casey Hayward tackles EMU receiver for loss of 2.

6:42 On third and 11 EMU quarterback runs 10 yards forcing 4th and 1.  

6:44 End of quarter. 

Vanderbilt 7, Eastern Michigan 3



6:47 EMU attempts to draw Vandy offsides on fourth and 2.  Penalty for delay of game on EMU.

6:48 EMU attempts flea flicker play on fourth down and just overthrows receiver to turn the ball over to Vandy at VU 38.

6:49 Long pass to Udom Umoh falls incomplete on first down.

6:50 Stacy runs for no gain.

6:50 Smith hits Cole for pass past first down marker but Cole is pushed out of bounds. VU to punt.

6:51 Richard Kent punt fair caught at EMU 17.

6:52 Penalty (5 in the backfield) forces VU to punt again.

6:53 On fourth and 15 Kent's punt is fair caught at EMU 33.

6:56 EMU runs to 38 on first down using wildcat formation.

6:57 Lohr tackles EMU runner at EMU 41

6:58 On third and 2 EMU long pass incomplete.  VU declines holding call.

6:58 EMU punt caught by Cole at VU 15.

7:00 This is not what we wanted.  EMU hanging around too long. VU needs to score here in a big way.

7:01 Smith pass complete to Cole at VU 35.

7:02 VU runs for no gain.

7:02 Norman runs for loss of 1.

7:03 Smith passes for 13 yards to Trey Herndon. 1st down VU.

7:03 Smith passes to Turner Wimberly to EMU 19.  33 yard gain.

7:04 Norman runs up the middle for a 19-yard TOUCHDOWN Vanderbilt!  Vanderbilt 14, EMU 3 clock 10:13  6 plays, 81 yards, Time 3:22

7:07 VU kickoff to EMU 1 returned to EMU 22.  Hard hit by Eric Samuels.

7:08 Offsides penalty on Vandy on kickoff.  VU to re-kickoff.

7:10 Kickoff to EMU 5 returned to EMU 34.

7:10 Green fumbles recovered by Jamie Graham at EMU 37!!  Forced by Tim Fugger! 

7:12 End around run by Krause snuffed for just 2 yard gain. 

7:12 Zac Stacy runs to EMU 19 for first down.

7:13 Norman runs to 15.

7:14 Smith overthrows wide open Barden in the end zone.

7:15 On third and 6 Smith completes pass to Krause at EMU 7. First down VU.

7:15 Norman runs to 5.

7:16 Smith overthrows a wide open Trey Herndon.

7:17 On third down Smith pass almost intercepted forcing fourth down.

7:17 Ryan Fowler field goal good from 23-yards.  Vanderbilt 17, EMU 3 clock 6:59

7:20 Spear kickoff to EMU 3 returned to EMU 23. 

7:21 EMU run for 11 yards to 34 for first down. 

7:22 EMU pass incomplete.

7:23 Sean Richardson tackles EMU runner for loss of 1.

7:23 On third and 11 EMU passes incomplete.

7:24 EMU punt to VU 25 returned by Cole to VU 31.

7:25 Smith runs to VU 35. 

7:27 Smith pass complete to Udom Umoh for 65-yard TOUCHDOWN Vanderbilt!  Vanderbilt 24, EMU 3 clock 4:21.  That's a career long pass for Larry Smith and a career long reception for Umoh.

7:29 VU kickoff to EMU 5 returned to EMU 30.

7:30 EMU runner tackled for 2 yard loss to Jamie Graham.

7:30 EMU QB throws ball away under pressure by Graham.

7:31 On third and 12 EMU pass complete but short of first down.

7:32 EMU punt shanked and goes out of bounds at VU 45.   Holding call puts it at VU 36.

7:34 Smith hit while throwing deep completion.  Holding call on Joey Bailey.  Ball at VU 26.

7:35 Smith screen pass to Kennard Reeves at 31.

7:36 On 2nd and 15 Smith completes pass to Umoh at VU 35.

7:36 On 3rd and 11 completes pass to Cole at 50 for first down.

7:37 VU timeout.

7:38 Smith pass complete to Wimberly at EMU 30.

7:39 Smith pass complete to Wimberly at EMU 22.

7:39 Smith runs to EMU 13.  First down Vandy!

7:40 Smith pass complete to Cole at 1 yard line of EMU!! First and goal.

7:41 Tate run for no gain.

7:42 Timeout Vanderbilt.

7:43 Smith pass to Mason Johnston for TOUCHDOWN!!!  Vanderbilt 31, EMU 3 clock 0:22.  That was the first career catch by Mason Johnston.

7:46 EMU quarterback takes a knee to end the first half carnage.

Vanderbilt 31, EMU 3 HALFTIME



8:08 EMU kickoff is fair caught by Mason Johnston at VU 38.

8:09 Norman runs for 5 on first play.

8:09 Smith pass is broken up by EMU.

8:08 Crowd announced at 33,107 paid.  Probably 30,000 max really here.

8:10 On third and 5 Smith runs for 1 yard.

8:10 Richard Kent punt fair caught at EMU 15.

8:11 Corey Welch runs for 9 on first down.

8:12 Welch runs for no gain. 

8:12 On third and 1 EMU runs for 2 yards and first down.

8:13 EMU runs for 3.

8:14 EMU passes to 34 for a third and 1 situation.

8:14 EMU loses 2 yards on tackle by John Stokes.

8:15 EMU punt to 27 fair caught by Cole.

8:16 Smith's long pass to Umoh incomplete. 

8:18 Fumbled snap is recovered by EMU at VU 27.

8:19 EMU run for no gain.

8:20 EMU pass incomplete under pressure.

8:20 On third and 10 EMU pass incomplete.

8:21 EMU 43-yard field goal is good.   Vanderbilt 31, EMU 6 clock 8:50

8:24 EMU kickoff to 24 returned to 30 by Eric Samuels.

8:25 Stacy runs for 3.

8:25 Stacy runs for 67-yard TOUCHDOWN Vanderbilt!!  Vanderbilt 38, EMU 3.  Clock 8:00.

8:29 Vanderbilt onside kick recovered by Jordan Matthews at VU 44.  Huh?

8:30 Smith pass to Barden at EMU 45 complete.   1st down!

8:31 Smith screen pass complete to Norman at EMU 38.

8:32 Norman runs for first down to EMU 33.

8:32 Long Smith pass to Stacy in end zone is incomplete.

8:33 Smith swing pass to Norman incomplete.

8:33 Smith pass to Barden at EMU 21 for first down!

8:34 Norman run to EMU 12.

8:34 On second and 1 Norman runs for 2.

8:35 Smith pass to Krause just off the fingertips in end zone.

8:36 Norman runs for an 11-yard TOUCHDOWN Vanderbilt!  Vanderbilt 45, EMU 3 clock 3:32.

8:38 VU timeout.

8:39 VU's Spear kicks off to EMU 7 returned to EMU 23.

8:40 EMU run for 1 yard.

8:40 EMU pass to EMU 29.

8:41 On third and 3 EMU passes for completion at EMU 41. First down.

8:42 EMU pass incomplete defended by Sean Richardson.

8:42 EMU's Green runs to VU territory but personal foul on EMU puts ball at EMU 42.

8:43 EMU's Gillett sacked for 5 yard loss by Walker May.

8:44 On second and 15 EMU pass complete for loss but fumbled and recovered by Vanderbilt.  Ruled down and EMU retains possession at own 35. Third and 17.

8:45 End of quarter

Vanderbilt 45, Eastern Michigan 6



8:48 Gillett scrambles and passes for 17-yards and first down at VU 47.

8:49 Gillett sacked at EMU 45 by Johnell Thomas and Taylor Loftley.

8:50 Gillett pass intercepted by Casey Hayward at VU 43.

8:50 Jared Funk in game at QB.  First career completion goes for 57-yard touchdown to Cole.  Vanderbilt 52, EMU 6 clock 13:12.

8:55 VU kickoff to EMU 5 returned to EMU 29.

8:56 ON third and 8 EMU's Gillett sacked by Teriall Brannon.

8:57 EMU punt goes out of bounds at VU 30.

9:00 Funk fumbles snap. Recovered by Tate at 23.

9:01 Tate runs for 6

9:01 On third and 11 Funk passes complete to Tate to 37.  4th and 3.

9:01 Kent punt to EMU 37 is fair caught.

9:04 EMU runs for no gain.

9:05 EMU runs for 4.

9:05 On third and 5 EMU pass is incomplete.

9:06 Cole fair catches punt at VU 31.

9:07 Tate runs for 4 to 35.

9:07 Funk pass incomplete to Herndon.

9:08 Tate runs to EMU 47. First down VU.

9:09 Funk completes a pass to Jordan Matthews for 35 yards at the EMU 13. 

9:10 Tate bulls to EMU 2 to set up a first and goal.

9:11 Tate loses a yard on first down.

9:12 Tate to the 1-yard line.

9:13 Tate loses a yard on third down.

9:13 Funk sacked for 9-yard loss to EMU 11.

9:14 EMU runs for no gain.

9:15 EMU runs for 1 yard.

9:15 EMU runs to EMU 18. Fourth down and 3.

9:16 EMU punts to VU 44. Fair catch by Cole.

9:17 Vanderbilt has run out the clock. 

FINAL SCORE: Vanderbilt 53, Eastern Michigan 6

An impressive finish after a slow start.  Commodores scored 24 points in the second quarter and even scored in the first quarter.  Now the team must prepare for a surging Georgia squad.  Twenty-three Vanderbilt players are from the Peach State and will be bouncing off the walls to beat the Dogs. 

10:51 It's late and the water cannons are spraying Vanderbilt field while cleanup crews do their duties. Top Stories