Look inside to see who Pete Fox picks to win and lose this week in the SEC.

LAST WEEK (5-2)-----OVERALL (41-7)

mis·cre·ant/'miskre?nt/ Noun: A person who behaves badly or in a way that breaks the law. (e. g. a lot of SEC football and basketball players)

Mississippi @ Alabama – Wow, how mad is the Tide gonna be this week? I wouldn't want to be in Mississippi's cleats this week. ‘Bama 45 – Rebs 17

Arkansas @ Auburn – Certainly the marquee game of the SEC this week. 3:30 EDT on CBS. Auburn is undefeated, but has hardly dominated in the SEC. The Pigs lone loss is to Alabama, but they hardly dominated in their other two real games either. Auburn appears to be the more tested team, and they're at home. Whatever, this will be a close game. Plainsmen 24 – Pigs 20.

Mississippi State @ Florida – The Gators are averaging 31 points per game. I doubt if they'll get that many against MSU, but they'll get enough to win. Florida 21 – MSU 10

South Carolina @ Kentucky – The Gamecocks won round one of the SEC championship game last week. They need to guard against a letdown this week in order to get to play round two (the one that counts). After winning against 3 patsies to open the season, the ‘Cats are on a 3-game losing streak in the SEC. Make it 4. USC (east) 28 – UK 13.

McNeese @ LSU – LSU must be the luckiest team in the country. They won't need luck this week, just a lot of subs. LSU 48 – McNeese 9.

Vanderbilt @ Georgia – As has been pointed out, the UGA arrests have been mostly minor, property-damage type stuff, but unlike those at UTK, the miscreants seem to have been dealt with appropriately. UTK is like "Felony Squad". UGA is more like "misdemeanor squad". Regardless, the ‘Dogs have enough players left to deal with the Commodores. UGA 28 – VU 17. Top Stories