Interview: Jeffery Taylor spoke with Jeffery Taylor at SEC Media Days in Hoover, Ala. We asked Taylor about his role during the upcoming season, new players on the team that he thinks will make an impact, his thoughts on possibly going pro and much more.

Don Yates: The team lost their top scorer, rebounder and assist man from a year ago. How do you replace those guys?
Jeffrey Taylor: We have players that are ready to step in and contribute in big ways. We have a lot of experience coming back since everybody that was in my class has had a lot of time on the court, has had a lot of experience so I feel like we are ready for it. We have me, John Jenkins, Brad Tinsley, Steve Tchiengang so we have a lot of players on the team that are ready to step in.

Don Yates: What do you see as your role during the 2010-11 season?
Jeffrey Taylor: I'll probably have a relatively bigger role than I've had in the previous year since I'm the leading returning scorer and what not. I'll probably have to shoulder a lot more responsibility on offense and basically do what I've done throughout the past years on defense.

Don Yates: After a few practices are there any new players that have caught your attention?
Jeffrey Taylor: We have some really talented new players, Rod Odom, Kyle Fuller and James Siakam. Those three guys, they can definitely come in and contribute for us this year.

Don Yates: You've gained 20 pounds during the off season. How will that new weight help you during the upcoming season.
Jeffrey Taylor: Just with the bumps and bruises that you take throughout the year, just attacking the basket, finishing and rebounding. You kind of have to move people around and stuff. It's definitely in those parts that it will help me.

Don Yates: Brad Tinsley is projected to take over point guard. Do you think he has the quickness to get the job done?
Jeffrey Taylor: I have all the faith in the world in Brad, I've played with him for three years now. We all see what kind of player he is from day to day so people are going to find out what kind of player he is this year.

Don Yates: If you had to pick one freshman that you think is going to have the biggest impact for Vanderbilt this season, who would it be?
Jeffrey Taylor: Just one? That's tough. I'll probably have to go with Kyle Fuller, backup point guard. He'll probably get some time.

Don Yates: Festus Ezeli is projected to take over for A.J. Ogilvy. What is your opinion on him after the first few practices? Will he get the job done?
Jeffrey Taylor: Oh, yeah definitely. Festus has put in a lot of work this summer, he's really improved. He's probably one of the most athletic big men in the SEC. We are definitely ready for Festus to step up and show everybody how good he is.

Don Yates: There's been much talk about you going to the NBA after your junior year. Is there any hope for Vanderbilt fans that you'll return?
Jeffrey Taylor: You never know what can happen during the year. You never know how anybody will perform and what not. It's definitely a decision that I'll make after the season. It's nothing that I'm thinking about right now.

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