Look inside for Pete Fox's picks for SEC games this week. Fox is currently 44-9 on the season picking winners.

LAST WEEK (4-2)-----OVERALL (44-9)

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How did the SEC East fall so far? The Western teams are beating the East like a rented mule. Alabama vs. Tennessee is the lone interdivisional game this week, so it looks like the trend will continue. And really, the season is more than half over, and a Vanderbilt win over South Carolina will put them in first place in the East. Check the thermometer in Hell.

Mississippi @ Arkansas – The newly spawned Bears(!) of Mississippi put up a good fight against the Tide last week. Expect the same against the Razorbacks, with the same result. Arkansas 21 – Rebels 10.

LSU @ Auburn – Neither team has been all that impressive. All they do is win. That will stop for one of them this weekend, but which one? LSU hasn't played that great on the road, and this is their severest road test yet, and one they will fail. Auburn 27 – LSU 24.

UAB @ Mississippi State – MSU is back to playing like an SEC team, which is bad news for the Blazers. MSU 42 – UAB 10.

Alabama @ UTK – More reality for the Big Orange. This used to be a major game in the SEC, but not this year. Alabama 42 – UTK 20.

Georgia @ Kentucky – Coming off the big win last week against USC, the Wildcats succumb to reading their press clippings and play their worst game of the year against the Dogs. UGA 28 – UK 17.

South Carolina @ Vanderbilt – You'd think VU would schedule an easy win for homecoming, wouldn't you? Even without their star running back, the Gamecocks should win easily, because Vandy can't score, mustering only 140 yards in total offense against Georgia last week. USC 31 – VU 6. Top Stories