Vanderbilt-South Carolina As It Happened

After leading 7-0 in the first half Vanderbilt fell to South Carolina 21-7 on Saturday night. Look inside for commentary as the game progressed.

4:25 It's about an hour and 35 minutes before kickoff and there are probably 50 people in the stands, mostly USC fans who arrived early. The USC players are out in their warmups warming up. :) Nice breeze blowing from the south. Beautiful day for college football. The have some easy country music playing on the stadium loud speaker. I saw a lot of Vanderbilt and USC fans tailgating and watching the LSU-Auburn game on the Jumbotron. I went over by the star walk and watched team walk up from the stadium tunnel to McGugin. Hard to tell by looking at them what their state of mind is. I think they looked madder than anything. Look like they are about to get to work. I heard a South Carolina guy talking for a radio station in the press box. He was saying how the Vandy game was on page 6 of the Nashville paper and how Vandy has no offense. Something, "It's the usual Vandy" I felt like telling him, "well, if that's the case you guys are in big trouble.'

5:07 About 50 young men in street clothes just arrived in the south end zone. Nice sized group of prospects. The stadium has about 700 or 800 people in it. Both teams are warming up, now in full uniform with pads.

5:54 Good sign. 15 minutes before the game and there's not really a good showing by the USC fans. I guess it's a long drive from Columbia. Maybe 6-8 thousand USC fans here. That said looks like a lot of Vandy fans took the game off but they are known for arriving late.

6:04 The National Anthem has been played and the Spirit of Gold has formed a big ‘V' by the large helmet.

6:05 Here come the Commodores of Vanderbilt! The fog horn roars!

6:05 Vandy loses toss, USC defers and Vandy to receive. Let's go ‘Dores! Put six on the board!



6:09 USC kickoffs to VU end zone. Warren Norman takes a knee. VU ball at own 20.

6:09 First play Norman for 40 yards to USC 40!! Ran around the right side and down the sideline.

6:10 Norman for 1.

6:10 Smith pass incomplete.

6:11 On third and 11 Smith under pressure scrambles back to line of scrimmage. Fourth down.

6:12 Kent runs fake up middle and is easily tackles for no gain. USC ball at USC 40.

6:13 Garcia pass complete to Jeffery for 8.

6:13 Kenny Miles stuff for loss of 1 by Walker May and others.

6:14 Garcia pass complete for first down. USC fumble recovered by USC at 50.

6:14 Tim Fugger stuffs Miles for 1-yard loss.

6:15 On 2nd and 11 Garcia completes 20-yard pass to Alshon Jeffery.

6:16 False start puts ball at VU 37.

6:16 Miles gets 1.

6:17 On 2nd and 14 Walker May slams Garcia as he releases his pass.

6:18 VU timeout.

6:20 On third and long Garcia under pressure throws incomplete.

6:22 USC to punt goes into VU end zone for touchback.

6:25 Smith passes to Brandon Barden who leaps for a 22-yard gain to VU 42.

6:26 Nice pass to Udom Umoh but Umoh can't hold on.

6:27 Smith dropped for small loss.

6:27 On third and 10 Smith runs for first down on quarterback draw.

6:28 Zac Stacy runs for 2 yards.

6:29 On double reverse Cole runs for no gain.

6:29 On third and 8 Smith screen pass complete to Stacy for short gain. Illegal formation called/ declined.

6:30 Richard Kent punts out of bounds at USC 16.

6:33 Garcia pass to Jeffery for 8.

6:34 Miles runs for 1st down at USC 26.

6:35 Garcia throws long but pass interference called on USC receiver.

6:35 USC all at own 18. 1st and 18. Garcia pass for gain of 3 to USC 21.

6:36 Garcia pass complete to USC 30.

6:37 On third and 6 Garcia pass complete to USC 45 for first down.

6:38 Garcia pass complete to Jeffery to VU 46.

6:38 Miles runs for gain to 4 for first down.

6:38 Garcia scrambles out of bounds at 43 for loss of 1.

6:39 On second and 11 Garcia pass for 9 yards to VU 34.

6:30 On third and 2 Miles runs to VU 25 for first down.

6:40 Miles stopped by John Stokes for no gain.

6:41 Garcia sacked at 32 by Rob Lohr and Terriall Brannon.

6:41 End of first quarter




6:42 So far things have looked much improved over Georgia, the only thing missing is points for the black and gold. At least the Commodore D has kept the high powered South Carolina offense scoreless so far.

6:43 On third and 17 USC snap goes over Garcia's head! Talk about a change of fortunes since last week. Ball spotted at VU 44 for punt.

6:46 Cole returns punt to VU 18.

6:47 Stacy runs for gain of 2.

6:47 Smith pass complete to Herndon for 1st down at 32. Ball skipped off another player.

6:48 Smith runs to 34 for gain of 2.

6:48 Smith pass broken up and nearly picked off.

6:48 On third and 8 Smith does a great job of running for a first down!!

6:49 Norman runs for 5 yards.

6:49 Smith pass under pressure to Barden for 1st down at USC 38.

6:50 Smith loses 2 yards.

6:50 Smith pass complete to John Cole at USC 5 !!

6:51 On first down Norman runs to USC 3.

6:52 Smith incomplete over Barden's head.

6:52 On third and three Smith runs for Vanderbilt TOUCHDOWN!!!! He stretched out to put the ball over the pylon.

6:54 Play being reviewed. TD stands!! Vanderbilt 7, South Carolina 0 clock 10:24

6:56 That was an 83 yard drive in 12 plays.

6:58 Kickoff to USC 3 returned to USC 16 yard line. Face mask on Walker May. Puts ball at USC 31.

7:00 Miles runs for 6 to 37.

7:00 Miles runs for 4 and first down.

7:01 Miles hit hard by John Stokes for no gain.

7:02 On second and 10 Kenny Ladler almost intercepts an Garcia pass.

7:03 On third and 10 USC jumps off sides.

7:03 On third and 15 at USC 31 Garcia is SACKED by Stephen Clarke!!!!

7:04 USC punts on fourth and 16 USC punt returned by Cole to VU 37. Nice return of 11 yards.

7:07 Vandy has converted on 3 of 5 third down situations so far. The defense has 3 sacks too.

7:08 Long pass by Smith to Cole luckily is not intercepted.

7:08 Smith pass to Norman who runs for FIRST DOWN at mid field.

7:09 Smith runs for 3 to USC 47.

7:09 Stacy runs to 45.

7:09 On third and 5 Smith pass is nearly intercepted.

7:10 On fourth and 5 Kent's punt bounces into the end zone.

7:14 Garcia's pass nearly intercepted by Casey Hayward. Penalty on USC for ineligible receiver down field.

7:15 On first and 15 at USC 15 Brian Maddox tackled for loss of 2 to USC 12.

7:15 On second and 17 Garcia pass complete to USC 22.

7:16 On third and 4 Garcia pass complete to Jeffery for first down at USC 34.

7:16 Maddox runs to USC 40.

7:17 Maddox runs for 3.

7:17 On third and 1 at USC 43 Maddox runs for first down at USC 47.

7:18 Garcia scrambles and throws incomplete.

7:19 Garcia pass complete for 6 yards.

7:20 On third and 4 Garcia tackled for a loss at VU 50.

7:21 Cole returns punt for 9 to VU 16.

7:21 Vanderbilt hand off fumbled for loss of 2.

7:22 Smith tackled for loss of 1. USC timeout.

7:23 On third and 13 Smith runs up middle to VU 28.

7:24 Kent punt bounces backwards to 41 of USC with 1:03 on clock.

7:26 Garcia pass to Sanders for gain 7.

7:26 Garcia pass to VU 43.

7:27 Garcia hit but shovels pass off to avoid loss of yardage.

7:27 Garcia pass complete to VU 36.

7:28 On third and 3 Maddox runs to VU 24.

7:29 Garcia pass to VU 15.

7:30 Garcia pass to Toru Gurley for USC touchdown. Vanderbilt 7, South Carolina 7 clock 0:12

7:32 USC kickoff is a squib kick that is nearly fumbled away.

7:33 Halftime




7:53 Almost ready for second half kickoff. I've seen representatives of the Outback and Gator bowls here. Pretty sure they didn't come here to see the home team.

7:54 Carey Spear kickoff goes into end zone.

7:55 Garcia tackled for 1 yard loss at 19.

7:56 Garcia passes falls onto the ground.

7:56 On third and 10 Garcia passes for first down.

7:57 Garcia pass complete to USC 41 but penalty for illegal substitution on VUdeclined.

7:58 Garcia pass to 7 to USC 49.

7:58 On third and 1 Garcia lateral is incomplete and goes out at USC 45.

7:59 Cole fair catches punt at VU 15.

8:03 Smith pass incomplete to Barden.

8:03 Stacy runs for 1. Jabo Burrow is down on the field.

8:04 On third and 9 Smith gets back to the original line of scrimmage.

8:05 On fourth and 10 Kent punts goes 60 yards. Returned to USC 30.

8:08 Garcia's pass is INTERCEPTED at VU 20!! Hayward jumped up and snatched it out of the air. Hayward has 5 now. Reviewed. Call stands!!! Huge play for VU.

8:11 Smith runs to VU 30 for FIRST DOWN!!

8:12 Stacy runs for no gain.

8:13 Whistle after Smith pass. Snap infraction on Logan Stewart.

8:13 Smith pass to Stacy for 1 yard to VU 26.

8:14 On third and 14 Smith passes to Krause for 7 yards.

8:15 Kent punts for 56 to USC 14 for fair catch. Holding penalty on USC puts ball at USC 7.

8:18 Maddox runs for 2 on first down.

8:19 Maddox runs to 13 for gain of 4.

8:19 On third and 3 Maddox runs for first down to USC 27.

8:20 Garcia pass to USC 34.

8:21 Maddox runs for first down.

8:21 Garcia pass to USC 44 and gain of 6.

8:22 Garcia passes for first down to USC 49.

8:22 Maddox runs for long gain to VU 36.

8:23 Miles runs for 2.

8:23 Garcia pass complete to Gurley at VU 10. Sean Richardson is down. Walks off field.

8:26 Maddox runs to VU 2.

8:26 Maddox scores a touchdown on run up the middle. South Carolina 14, Vanderbilt 7 clock 3:17

8:28 Norman returns kickoff to VU 25. 23 yard return.

8:28 Smith pass to Krause complete for 10 yards and first down.

8:29 Smith pass complete for 5 yards but chop block called on VU. Ball at 21 now.

8:30 On first and 25 Norman tackled for loss of 4 yards.

8:31 On second and 29 Smith throws incomplete.

8:31 On third and 29 Smith pass to Norman for a gain of 2.

8:32 Kent punt is fair caught at USC 35.

8:32 Garcia pass complete for 10 yards to Jeffery.

8:33 Maddox runs for 5 to midfield.

8:33 Garcia pass complete but holding called on USC. Ball back to USC 47.

8:45 End of third quarter.




8:37 On second and 8 Maddox runs to VU 15. Obvious hold there not called.

8:39 Maddox runs to 10.

8:39 On second and 5 Garcia pass is complete but holding called on USC..

8:40 Maddox runs to VU 9.

8:41 On third and 4 Garcia throws incomplete pass into end zone. Greenstone came in for that play.

8:41 On fourth and 4 USC field goal attempt is BLOCKED by Walker May! HUGE!

8:42 VU ball at own 21. Smith long pass to Umoh incomplete. Cole wide open there.

8:43 Smith throws pass away under pressure.

8:43 On third and 10 throws incomplete to Krause. Just off his finger tips.

8:44 Kent booms punt to USC 21. Returned for minus 8 yards. Nice job special teams. 58 yard punt.

8:46 USC ball at own 13.

8:48 Maddox runs for 2.

8:48 Garcia pass to Gurley for gain of 1. Nice play there by Vu.

8:49 On third and 7 Garcia completes 17 yard pass for first down.

8:50 Garcia pass to Jeffery to USC 48.

8:50 Maddox tackled for gain of only 2.

8:51 Maddox runs for 3.

8:51 Garcia runs and Clarke forces a fumble!!! VU ball at VU 43. Call reviewed and ball given back to USC but it's fourth down for the Gamecocks. Will they punt on fourth and 1?

8:56 On fourth and 1 South Carolina to punt. Downed at VU 2. Penalty on USC for illegal formation. ‘Cocks to re-punt from 5 yards back.

9:02 Re-punt goes into end zone for touchback.

9:02 Smith option toss to Stacy who runs for 9.

9:03 Smith pass batted down. Krause wide open there.

9:03 On third and 1 Vandy called for false start.

9:04 On third and 6 Smith's pass to is low and incomplete.

9:04 Kent punts to USC 29. 47 yard punt. Minus 1 return.

9:07 Maddox runs for no gain on first down. Marve tackle

9:08 Garcia escapes pressure and throws long scoring pass to Jeffery. South Carolina 21, Vanderbilt 7 clock 6:41

9:09 Norman slips down at 16 yard line on kickoff.

9:11 Smith pass incomplete.

9:12 Smith pass incomplete to Krause.

9:12 On third and 10 Smith tackled after scrambling for four yards.

9:13 Kent punt is fair caught at 30 yard line. 50 yard punt.

9:14 Maddox runs for loss of 1.

9:14 Maddox runs for 2.

9:15 On third and 8 Maddox is tackled after a gain of 5.

9:16 Vandy timeout.

9:18 USC punt returned by Cole to VU 22.

9:19 Smith pass to Cole for 4 yards to VU 26.

9:19 Smith sacked for 2-yard loss.

9:20 On third and 8 Smith pass complete to Krause for 7 yards to VU 31.

9:21 On fourth and 1 Smith completes pass to Barden for 16 yards.

9:21 Smith pass incomplete.

9:22 Smith pass incomplete.

9:22 On third and 10 Smith pass is incomplete.

9:23 Smith, under pressure, runs for 5 yards.

9:25 South Carolina has run out the clock.


A certain improvement over the Georgia debacle but still another loss. Smith nearly broke the 150 yard mark for an SEC game. He finished with 142 which beats last year's 132 yard previous SEC best effort against the same team. Like last year Smith had no interceptions and no touchdown passes. Next up is a trip to Arkansas to face the very tough Razorbacks. Top Stories