I wish Dooley would make a fool of himself later in the week. By the time I write this all the good jokes are gone. Half of the people found his D-Day comments funny, the other half found them offensive. I'm not easily offended. I just found them to be tasteless.

LAST WEEK (6-0)-----OVERALL (50-9)

"Veeeeeerrrrrrry Interesting" – Derek Dooley

Auburn @ Mississippi – Top of the SEC vs. the bottom. This doesn't augur well for the Rebels, uh, Bears. Auburn 35 – Mississippi 17.

Kentucky @ Mississippi State – MSU is becoming the surprise of the conference. Here we have two teams going in opposite directions. UK COULD make a game of it, but it doesn't seem likely. MSU 28 – UK 20.

Florida @ Georgia – Formerly a prime time game with national implications. The bloom is off of this rose. Georgia is slightly favored, but the wheels could come off again at any time. Maybe this week. Gators 27 – Doggies 24.

Tennessee @ South Carolina – A more apt metaphor than D-Day Germans might have been "Deer in the Headlights". Don't know if South Carolina has a roadkill law (in Tennessee you can keep and eat your own roadkill regardless of whether or not it is in hunting season) but the Vols have all the indications of becoming the traditional ‘possum: Play dead at home and get killed on the road. Lattimore is back, and he will provide the vehicle to run over the Vols. SC 35 – UTK 17.

Vanderbilt @ Arkansas – And speaking of roadkill… A new offensive coordinator will make no difference for VU in this game. Arkansas 45 – Vandy 13. Top Stories