Vanderbilt-Florida As-It-Happened

Florida outscored Vanderbilt 34-0 in the second quarter in route to a 55-14 win over the Commodores. Look inside for commentary as the game progressed.

10:41 Stadium filling in.  Sunny and cool.  Hot in the press box.  Lots of orange and blue out there.  VU wearing gold jerseys and white pants.

11:10 The media keeps talking about how important this game is for Florida but the game is also important for Vanderbilt.  A) You've got a team that if they can win today, there are 3 fairly winnable games to finish the season and a possible bowl bid.  B) You've got a staff fighting for their careers.  Many of the staff members have families/ children that have spent most of their lives in Nashville.

11:18 The Spirit of Gold is formed on the field.  The Vandy team is running on the field.  Vanderbilt wins toss and defers.


11:21 Carey Spear kicks off for Vanderbilt to UF 14.  Returned to UF 28.  Poor kickoff there.

11:22 Chris Rainey runs for 1 yard.

11:23 Casey Hayward almost intercepts a pass. 

11:23 On third and 8 Chris Marve sacks John Brantley for a loss of 8. 

11:24 John Cole takes fair catch at VU 28.

11:24 Smith pass incomplete.

11:25 Zac Stacy runs for 1.

11:25 On third and 9 Smith short pass to Krause who runs for 3-yard gain.

11:26 Richard Kent is short but rolls to 27.  40 yard punt.

11:29 Trey Burton in at qb for Florida.  Runs for 1 yard.

11:30 Chris Rainey runs for 11.

11:30 Rainey tackled for 5 yard loss.

11:31 Rainey runs for 2. Offsides on Vandy called.

11:31 On second and 10 Burton runs for 4.

11:31 On third and 5 Brantley has his pass batted down by Jared Morse

11:32 Cole punt caught at VU 19.  Hit immediately.

11:33 Stacy swarmed over on toss sweep for 5 yard loss.

11:34 Smith pass caught by Stacy for 10-yard gain.

11:34 On third and 6 Smith's pass is broken up.

11:35 Vandy calls timeout.

11:36 Kent's punt is blocked by Chris Rainey.  Florida ball at VU 3.

11:36 Florida's Mike Gillislee runs for no gain. He's hurt.

11:39 Gillislee runs for 3-yard Florida touchdown.  Florida 7, Vanderbilt 0 clock 8:47

11:42 Eric Samuels returns kickoff to VU 23.

11:43 Stacy runs for no gain.

11:44 Smith sacked for 3 yard loss.

11:44 On third and 13 Smith sacked for 5 yard loss.  Pretty pathetic. 

11:45 Kent punt is muffed at UF 33.  Nice break for the ‘Dores.

11:46 Smith runs to UF 28.  Some hard earned yards there.

11:46 Stacy runs to UF 26.

11:47 On third and 3 Stacy runs up the middle for a VU first down! 

11:48 VU ball at 22.  Stacy runs to 20. 

11:48 Stacy runs to UF 18. 

11:49 On third and 6 Smith runs for 4. Just missing being sacked.

11:49 Fake field goal for VU.  Fowler throws incomplete to Richard Kent.

11:53 UF ball at UF 15.  Brantley sacked by Colt Nichter at UF 8.

11:53 Brantley pass to UF 17. 

11:54 On third and 8 Brantley's pass is incomplete.

11:54 Long punt taken by Cole at VU 24.  Hit immediately.

11:57 Stacy runs for 3.

11:57 Smith swing pass incomplete.

11:57 On third and 7 overthrows open Jordan Matthews badly.

11:58 Richard Kent punt bounces to UF 29.  44-yard punt.  (1:36 clock).

11:58 Brantley pass complete for 8 yard gain.

11:59 Brantley pass incomplete.

11:59 on third and 1 Trey Burton runs for first down at UF 42

12:00 Brantley pass complete to midfield.

12:00 Burton runs to VU 43.

12:01 Just announced in PB that Walker May has a sprained ankle.

12:02 Jordan Reed runs for 3 yards.
12:02 UF runs for 3.

12:03 On third and 4 Brantley passes for first down.

12:04 End of quarter



12:06 Florida's Jordan Reed passes to end zone for Gator touchdown.   Florida 14, Vanderbilt 0 clock 14:57.

12:09  Samuels returns kickoff to VU 27.

12:09 Smith sacked for 3-yard loss.

12:10 Smith poorly thrown swing pass incomplete.

12:10 Stacy tackled for 3-yard loss.  This is sickening.

12:08 Kent punts go to UF 33.  Returned to UF 44.

12:14 Penalty false start on UF.

12:15 Brantley pass almost intercepted by Trey Wilson.

12:16 Moody runs to UF 46.  Eddie Foster hurt.

12:16 On third and 8 Brantley pass is one yard short of first down.  Chris Marve hurt.

12:19 On fourth and 1 Florida going for it.  Reed runs to VU 40.

12:20 Brantley long pass to Rainey for touchdown.  Florida 21, Vanderbilt 0.  Clock 12:12

12:21 Andre Hal returns kickoff 30 yards to VU 41.

12:24 Stacy runs for no gain.

12:25 Stacy hit, fumbles, fumbles is returned for Florida touchdown.  Florida 27, Vanderbilt 0 clock 11:18 Stacy is hurt.  Stacy is being carted off the field on one of those John Deer vehicles. Fans from both sides applaud as Stacy is taken off field.

12:31 Florida misses extra point.  Florida 27, Vanderbilt 0 clock 11:18

12:34 Samuels fumbles the kickoff and then picks it up and runs to the VU 22.

12:34 Smith tackled for 3 yard loss.

12:35 Smith passes Brandon Barden for a first down.

12:35 Wesley Tate runs to 35.

12:36 Smith pass to Wesley Johnston complete for 2 yards.

12:36 On third and 5 Smith throws incomplete to Jordan Matthews.

12:37 Kent punt muffed at 2-yard line but returned to UF 13.  Block in the back called on UF.  Ball spotted at UF 2.

12:38 UF's Burton runs to 3. 

12:38 Brantley pass is incomplete.

12:39 On third and 8 Brantley pass complete to UF 12 for first down. 

12:40 Brantley pass complete to UF 33.  20 yard gain.

12:40 Brantley pass complete to UF 41.

12:41 On second and 1 UF runs for first down. Ball at UF 49.

12:41 Brantley throws incomplete.

12:42 Burton runs to VU 40.  Vandy can't stop them.

12:42 Reed runs to VU 39.

12:43 Brantley pass complete to Frankie Hammond for a touchdown.  Florida 34, Vanderbilt 0 clock 5:43

12:44 Johnell Thomas injured.  Walks off field. 

12:45 Andre Hal returns kickoff VU 39.  Nice running there.  28-yard return.

12:47 Tate runs to VU 40.

12:48 Tate nice run to UF 38.

12:48 Smith sacked at UF 45.

12:49 Tate runs for 5 yard gain.

12:50 On third and 12 Smith throws incomplete.

12:50 Kent's punt is blocked again.  Returned for Florida touchdown.  Should have went for it.  Florida 41, Vanderbilt 0 clock 3:29.

12:52 On kickoff Samuels fumbles ball out of bounds at VU 16.

12:53 Tate is hit hard immediately for loss of 4.

12:54 Nice run by Tate to VU 23 but fumbles toward the end. Ruled down.

12:54 Florida is challenging the call that Tate was down.  Replay seems to indicate that he was down. Gators do get ball at VU 23.

12:58 Florida runs to VU 22.

12:58 Moody runs out of bounds at VU 19.
12:59 Moody to VU 17.

12:59 On fourth and 4 Moody runs for a gain of 1.   Mercy there by Urban Meyer.

1:00 12 men on field called on Florida.

1:01 Wesley Tate runs for  4 yards to VU 25.

1:01 Kennard Reeves runs 2 yards to VU 27.

1:02 Reeves loses 2 yards.

1:02 Finally the half ends.  Attendance 33,848



1:25 Almost 2 hours after the first kickoff Florida kicks off to Vandy for like the tenth time.  Eric Samuels returns kickoff to VU 30.

1:25 Reeves runs for 1 to 31.

1:25 Smith pass complete to John Cole for 8 to 39.

1:26 On third and 1 Kennard Reeves runs for first down at VU 41.

1:27 Jonathan Krause killed on short pass from Smith.  Loss of 5. Krause hurt.

1:27 On second and 15 Smith pass is complete to Cole.  Cole wasn't ready.

1:29 On third and 15 penalty for illegal contact on UF.

1:29 On third and 10 Smith pass is thrown behind Wimberly.

1:30 Kent punt rolls dead at UF 23.

1:31 Moody runs for 1.

1:31 Brantley sacked by Chris Marve.

1:32 On third and 14 Brantley is complete short of first down.

1:32 UF punt is blocked by Ryan van Rensburg and returned by Javon Marshall for Vanderbilt touchdown.  Florida 41, Vanderbilt 7 clock 11:00

1:38 Spear kickoff returned to UF 30.  Holding called on Florida.  Ball at UF 16.

1:39 On first down Reed runs to UF 21.

1:39 Reed runs up middle for 22 to UF 43

1:40 Reed pass complete to Hammond to UF 48

1:40 Moody runs to VU 47.

1:40 On third and 1 Reed pass is complete for first down at VU 43.

1:41 Mike Gillslee runs for 43 yard touchdown.  Florida 48, Vanderbilt 7 clock 8:33  VU obviously quit on that play.  Should have tackled the runner for short to medium gain.

1:44 Samuels returns kickoff and fumbles for about the seventh time today. Luckily it goes out at the 50.

1:45 Reeves runs to UF 48 on option pitch.

1:46 Smith pass to Krause dropped.

1:46 On third and 9 Smith  badly overthrows Krause.

1:47 Kent punt goes out at UF 20.  29-yard punt.  Can do much better than that.

1:50 Reed runs for 5 on first down.

1:51 Reed pass incomplete.

1:52 On third and 5 Reed completes pass for first down at UF 37.

1:52 Moody runs for 2.

1:53 Reed runs to midfield.

1:53 Snap infraction puts ball at UF 45.

1:54 Reed runs to VU 39 for another Florida first down.

1:54 Reed badly overthrows his receiver.

1:55 On second and 10 Moody runs easily to VU 20.

1:55 Reed pass complete to VU 15. Penalty holding on Florida.

1:56 Ball at VU 30.  First and 10.  Reed pass complete to VU 2.

1:57 Reed easily runs in for touchdown.  Illegal shift called on Florida.

1:58 Ball at VU 7.  First and 7.   Reed runs again for a touchdown.  Florida 55, Vanderbilt 7 clock 3:41

1:58 Vandy fans continue to pour out the exits.  Florida kicks off to Samuels who returns to VU 29.  22 yard return.

2:00 Funk in at quarterback.  Reeves runs to VU 30.

2:01 Funk pass complete to Mason Johnston to UF 48.  21 yard gain.

2:02 Reeves runs for gain of 1.

2:02 On second and 9 Reeves hit immediately for loss of 4.

2:03 On third and 13 Funk intercepted by Josh Evans.  Returned to VU 31.

2:04 False start on Florida.  

2:04 Florida runs for gain of 1.

2:05 On second and 14 Florida fumbles but recovers for big loss to VU 42

2:06 End of third quarter. 



2:09 On third and 21 at VU 42 Reed is tackled for loss of 2 yards.  Rob Lohr credited with sack.

2:10 Cole takes fair catch at VU 10.

2:10 Funk fumbles for a 1-yard gain. 

2:11 Funk pass almost intercepted. Broken up by Matt Hill.  Could have been a pick six there.

2:12 On third and 9 swing pass to Reeves complete but short of first down.

2:13 Kent punt returned to UF 32.  Block in the back called on UF.  Ball spotted at UF 26.

2:16 Moody runs for 4.

2:17 Moody runs for gain of 3.

2:17 On third and 3 Reed's pass is incomplete.

2:18 Cole takes fair catch at VU 20.

2:21 Reeves runs for gain of 1.

2:22 Reeves loses 4 yards.

2:22 On third and 13 Funk under throws Wimberly.

2:23 Kent's punt fair caught at UF 33.  50 yard punt.

2:23 Reed runs for 3.

2:24 Reed pass incomplete.

2:25 On third and 7 Reed's pass complete for first down to midfield.

2:25 Gillislee runs for no gain.

2:25 Reed runs for 5 yards to VU 45.

2:26 On third and 5 Reed throws incomplete.

2:26 UF going for it on fourth and 5.  Reed pass is complete for first down to VU 39.
2:27 Moody runs for loss of 4. DeAndre Jones tackle.

2:29 Moody runs for gain of 1.

2:30 On third and 14 Reeds pass complete but short of first down.

2:28 Florida goes for it on fourth and 7.  Reed's pass incomplete. VU ball at own 36.

2:30 Reeves runs for 1 to VU 37.

2:30 Reeves runs for  3 to VU 40.

2:31 On third and 6 Funk's pass to Fitz Lassing is incomplete.

2:32 Kent's punt down at UF 21.  39-yard punt.

2:33 Gillislee runs for runs for 5 to UF 26.

2:34 Gillislee runs for loss to 2.

2:34 On third and 7 Reed's pass is complete for 2 yards to UF 32.

2:35 Gillislee loses 2 yards.

2:36 Reed pass complete for 6 yards.

2:37 Reed pass complete to UF 46 for 10 yards. First down.

2:38 Reed pass incomplete.

2:40 Reeds runs for 2.

2:41 Reed pass intercepted by Andre Hal.  Returned to UF 23.

2:43 Reeves run to UF 21. Timeout VU.

2:45 Fank pass incomplete to Jordan Matthews. Pass interference called on Florida.  Ball spotted at UF 6.

2:47 Funk pass incomplete to Akeem Dunham.

2:47 Funk touchdown pass to Jordan Matthews who catches it with one hand.  Florida 55, Vanderbilt 14 clock 0:39. 

2:48 Spear kickoff is returned to UF 31.

2:49 Florida has run out the clock.


Another embarrassing loss for Vanderbilt and another losing season in the books for the black and gold. Top Stories