Residents of Tennessee wonder why people think we're a bunch of hicks. Ever listen to the lyrics of "Rocky Top"? There's not a single interesting game in the SEC this week, and I can't think of anything interesting to say about any of them. A good weekend to rake leaves.

LAST WEEK (6-1)-----OVERALL (68-11)

Georgia State @ Alabama – Honestly, what is the purpose of this game? It will be men against boys….small boys. Alabama 110 – GSU 0.

Troy @ South Carolina – Not a bad as the game above, but bad enough. Troy has at least been playing football for a few years. USC 55 – Troy 15.

App State @ Florida – See above. Florida 45 – App 21.

Mississippi @ LSUOle Miss forgot to play at Tennessee last week. Maybe they'll wake up in time for the LSU kickoff…or not. LSU 38 – Miss 10.

Arkansas @ Mississippi State – Only the mothers of the players of these two teams care who wins this game. Arkansas 17 – MSU 14.

Tennessee @ Vanderbilt – The trend at Tennessee is up. The trend at Vanderbilt is flat-line. Tennessee 42 – Vanderbilt 14. Top Stories