Brendan Meyers talks Vandy

Brendan Meyers has had a solid season out of Park Vista in Palm Beach County. He's a dependable receiver that's made the most of his limited opportunities this season.

"This season I feel like I gave my team my all. I might not have been thrown to that much, but when the ball was thrown to me I made the best out of it. As the leading receiver with only 10 catches, I managed to have 200 yards receiving and four touchdowns," Meyers stated.

He made the most of his nine receptions, taking four of them in for touchdowns against some of south Florida's top talent. He also was used on several reverses throughout the season, giving his team another wrinkle in its offense.

"Nine of the receptions I made and the four touchdowns were all within the first three games, which is when I tried to make a big statement for myself. Not only did I catch the ball but I ran it as well. I had two touchdowns and 250 yards rushing on the season," he quoted. Brendan is dedicated to his constant improvement, and with the help of a former NFL receiver he's making strides toward his goals.

"This season I really improved in a lot of areas. I work with a receiver's coach that played at West Virginia and in the NFL (Corey Ivy) and I learn something new everyday. I learned how to get off the line without a struggle, create separation between the corner and, run perfect routes. I think the most important thing I learned was how to block and run through my target," Meyers discussed. This new coaching has paid dividends for Meyers, making him a well-rounded receiver for the next level.

"At the beginning of the season I could say multiple corners in Palm Beach County could shut me down, but throughout the season I felt as though not a single player on the defense could shut me down," he explained. With the season at an end, Meyers turns his focus on his recruitment.

"As of now I have been hearing from Eastern Michigan, Charleston Southern, FAU, and Vanderbilt. I would say I don't have a favorite, but Vanderbilt would be a place I'd be really happy at," Meyers revealed. Brendan stated he's just now getting around to planning recruiting visits, and already visited Vanderbilt last summer.

"I have not taken any recruiting visits yet, except for Vanderbilt over the summer, and FAU throughout the season because of its location near my school."

His stat sheet is something that's frustrated the young receiver this season, but he's confident that he'll prove himself at the next level.

"I would commit to a school if I get the right offer. I have had a limited amount of receptions, which were mostly touchdowns, and I wish we threw the football more. I did have some nice runs and blocks throughout the season, but I really shine as a receiver. I think my film shows what I'm all about. I just want to play for a college and show them how much ability I have," Meyers finished. Top Stories