There aren't many SEC marbles to play for this week, but plenty of big green ($$$) marbles, as the jockeying for position among the top teams for BCS bowls will be intense.

LAST WEEK (6-0)-----OVERALL (74-11)

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." Colin Powell

Auburn @ Alabama – To play for the big marble, Auburn must win this week, and vs. South Carolina in the SEC championship next week. It will come down to Auburn's offense against Alabama's defense. The defense gets more of an emotional life than the offense. Alabama 21 – Auburn 17.

Mississippi State @ Mississippi – These teams both played magnificently last week in losing causes. True "moral victories". It will be difficult for either team to get up for this game, but somebody's got to win it. Not much to choose between these two, but Mississippi got killed by UTK then turned it around to play very well, but lose to LSU. They can't recover. MSU 27 – UM 19.

LSU @ Arkansas – Likewise, these two teams were the winners of exciting games last week against the above two teams. Home field advantage, and a superior passing game, gives the Pigs the edge. Arkansas 27 – LSU 24.

South Carolina @ Clemson – A potential letdown for South Carolina looms, as thoughts shift to the SEC Championship game next week. The Gamecocks should weather the storm, and score late to beat the Tigers. SC 24 – Clemson 21.

Florida @ Florida State – FSU is 8-3, but really, whom have they beaten? Florida should steamroll these guys. Gators 35 – FSU 14.

Georgia Tech @ Georgia – The team that shows up will win this game. Neither has particularly distinguished themselves during the year. UGA has the better schedule, and Tech only managed to outscore Duke and Wake forest by a combined 14 points. Georgia 35 – Ramblin' Wreck 17.

Kentucky @ Tennessee – Will this be the year? It's been a loooooong time since the ‘Cats have managed to beat the Vols. Longer even than Vandy's winless streak against them. They're due. UK 31 – UTK 24

Wake Forest @ Vanderbilt – The SAT bowl game. These two teams a almost equally bad. Statistically, the only edge I see is in net punting, where VU is 33rd in the country, and Wake is 77th. However, Vandy has compiled their woeful record against the SEC. Vandy 31 – Wake 17. Top Stories