Monday Vanderbilt Football Ramblings

The Commodores are back to square one, looking for a new start and a new coach. Why would a good coach want to come to Vanderbilt?

Here's why: there's a ton of young talent coming back next season. Guys like Jordan Matthews, Wesley Johnson, Kenny Ladler, Jay Fullam and others. In all, the Commodores had 24 freshmen and sophomores listed in their two-deep depth chart for Wake Forest. Vandy had five freshmen starters against Wake. The Commodore staff also red shirted a good group of players. Coming off Vanderbilt's best recruiting year ever, a new coach will find the cupboard far from bare.

A chance to coach in the vaunted SEC. If you are a new coach and you come in and lead Vanderbilt to a 6-6 record you'll suddenly become a hot commodity. If a new coach could convince David Williams to make a schedule for Vanderbilt in a similar manner as the way Kentucky's AD does for the Wildcats, he could have a good chance to win six games.

Vanderbilt's sports environment is more favorable for head coaches than at other schools. Look at Kevin Stallings, Tim Corbin and Melanie Balcomb. All are great coaches who have had long tenures at VU. Part of the reason they stick around is that they don't have an athletic director breathing down their necks all the time. They get the support they need without all the micro managing of an AD.

Early rumor mill of possible names for a new head coach:

Ivin Jasper- Navy offensive coordinator. Reports out of Annapolis discredit rumors.

Mike Leach- Former embattled Texas Tech coach. Stuck in a lawsuit that it look like he might just win. Leach would be an excellent choice. He emphasized academics while fielding a winning team. The allegations against him at Texas Tech seem to have been mostly fabricated.

Al Golden- Temple head coach who played at Penn State and was a long time assistant at Virginia. Would also very good choice, in my opinion.

Mike Haywood- Miami (Ohio) coach who has an excellent coaching pedigree.

Gus Malzahn- Auburn offensive coordinator who has directed the high powered Tiger offensive attack.

David Lee- Former Vandy quarterback and NFL quarterbacks coach.

Tommy Bowden- Former Clemson head coach and very successful Tulane offensive coordinator.

Surely the list of possible coaches will grow.

In my opinion a new head coach should focus on recruiting both locally and nationally 30 percent of his players should come from the middle Tennessee area and the rest should be obtained from a national recruiting effort.. This would not only help increase local interest in the program but would also bring in the best student athletes from around the nation.


Vanderbilt should make every effort to conduct a football banquet for the outgoing Vanderbilt seniors. Hopefully the administration won't use the excuse of not having a staff to save some money and deny these seniors, many who were a vital part of Vanderbilt's only bowl victory in 50 years, a chance to be recognized for their hard work and accomplishments. Vandy should do the right thing and have a football banquet for the players. Top Stories