What Auburn's win does for Vandy

Ho-hum. Another SEC team wins a national championship. While Auburn's 22-19 last-second win over Oregon may not seem like a big deal to most in the Commodore nation, there are several reasons that the Tiger victory could give Vanderbilt fans some enjoyment and hope for the future.

1) Recruiting: Come play at Vanderbilt and play against the best. James Franklin is known to be a great recruiter. Because Auburn won Franklin can continue to sell prospects with the idea of playing at Vanderbilt in the best league other than the NFL.

2) Recently beaten by Vandy: Unlike Florida, Alabama and LSU-- SEC teams that recently won national titles whom Vanderbilt hasn't beaten any of since the early 90s, Vanderbilt has defeated the Tigers fairly recently, just two years ago. Surely VU fans can have some solace in knowing their team has a win over a national championship program in recent history.

3) SEC mastery: Sure Vandy might be one of the SEC's doormats (at least there is Ole Miss) but it's a doormat of the nation's best football conference. The win allows the SEC to maintain its status as the elite conference in the nation. Vanderbilt is a member of the SEC and should be very proud.

4) Non-state name: Yeah, I know, Auburn really is a state school but it is the only other school in the league besides Vanderbilt that does not have a state name its name. Hey, if a school named "Auburn" can win a national title, why not a school named "Vanderbilt"?

5) Losing coach makes good: Two years ago when Gene Chizik came to Auburn from Iowa State with 5-19 record the Auburn athletic director was called "incompetent" and verbally lambasted [LINK] after he arrived at Auburn's tiny airport. Similarly the announcement of the hiring of James Franklin was met with disdain by some Vanderbilt fans. Maybe Franklin can reach a comparable level of success as Chizik.

6) Hope: Auburn just two years ago finished its season at 5-7 while Vanderbilt finished 7-6. If Auburn can regroup and win a national championship two years later then the Commodores ought to be able to at least manage a winning season in a year or two.

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