Interview: Jonathan Loyte

VandyMania recently spoke with Jonathan Loyte (6-6, 260) of Danvers, MA. Loyte is considered the top tight end prospect in New England and one of the top 10 at the position in America. Loyte has the size, speed, hands and game knowledge to be one of the greatest ever to wear the Black & Gold of Vanderbilt.

VandyMania: So Jonathan, what have you been doing the last couple of months since you signed with Vanderbilt?

Jonathan Loyte: I've just been working hard.  Training and running.  All that stuff. I gave up playing basketball and baseball just to train hard and focus right now.


VM: What kind of workouts are you doing?

Jonathan: I'm doing the program that Vanderbilt sent me and doing some running on the side.  I do a lot of stretching just to get more limber.


VM: What are some of the things Vanderbilt has you doing in the workout?

Jonathan:  They have me working out four days a week; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Monday is upper body day, Tuesday is a lower body day, take a break on Wednesday, on Thursday I do more upper body, Friday you do more lower body.


VM: How did your high school team finish out the season?

Jonathan: We actually lost, 13-7.  We had 97-yard interception return for a touchdown, that's how they won the game.  We were on their 20-yard line at the end and one of our guys fumbled.  It was terrible.   We actually controlled them the whole game, it was just a couple of mistakes that our backs made.   That's about it.   I can't watch the film.  It gets me so mad when I see that stuff.


VM: That was the Championship game?

Jonathan:  Yeah, it was the Super Bowl.  We call it the Super Bowl; it's actually the State Championship game.


VM:  What was your final record?

Jonathan: 12-1.


VM: How did you end up statistically?

Jonathan: I'm not really sure of my total season statistics but in the Super Bowl I had 3 catches for 45 yards.   A couple of them were fourth down conversions.


VM: How many guys got scholarships on your team?

Jonathan: Nine kids are going to like Div I-A or Div I-AA.  We have some guys going to Brown, Dartmouth, Colgate, Notre Dame and Vanderbilt.


VM: What do you plan on majoring in down at Vanderbilt?

Jonathan: I plan on doing the Human and Organizational Development program.


VM: Are there any juniors on your team that you think Vanderbilt might be in contact with?

Jonathan: There's a linebacker that is a great player.  He'll be a senior next year.   He's been getting a couple letters.  He's a good player.   He'll be very good next year.


VM: Can you tell us his name?

Jonathan: Mike Pitt.


VM: Are you in contact with any other Vanderbilt signees?

Jonathan: At the Spring Game I met a bunch of them.  I met up with Lance Parker, the quarterback; Nick Brigham, the other tight end. Wide receiver George Smith.  Other offensive linemen including Chris Williams, Brian Stamper, Tom Sorenson and Elliot Hood. They are all good kids 


VM: Have you been in contact with any of the Vanderbilt coaches?

Jonathan: Coach McSwain, he works in my area, he's a graduate assistant who helps out on the defensive side.  He calls me every week or two and we just talk.  We've known each other for a while.  We're just kind of like buddy-buddy.  It's pretty cool.  We just talk about how I'm doing lifting and how my personal life is doing.  It's all fun.


VM: Keeping you motivated huh? (laughs)

Jonathan: Yeah, I can't wait to get down there.


VM: So are your parents moving to Nashville?  (laughs)

Jonathan: My father wants to. No. (laughs).  He'll be down for every game.


VM: Jonathon, I appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you on the field next season.

Jonathan: I can't wait to get down there.  Nice talking to you. Top Stories