Vanderbilt-Tennessee As It Happened

NASHVILLE- Vanderbilt held Tennessee to 15 first half points but the Lady Vols churned out 50 second half points enroute to a 65-57 win over the Commodores. Look inside for an in game chat transcript.

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donyates: Hi DN
Dickeys_Nightmare: Hi
donyates: Lister on fire
donyates: Thanks for coming.  Hopefully more will come.
Dickeys_Nightmare: You're welcome, I'm stuck at work and can't see the game, following it on game tracker.
donyates: We are looking good. The scores aren't flukes. We really have a homecourt advantage but there is some orange, maybe a little more than the blue yesterday.
Dickeys_Nightmare: Good to hear. I was at the Kentucky game. I really like our team, Lister and Holzer are great additions.
donyates: Clarke fouled there.
donyates: We need some hot 3 point shooters tonight.  I think we have them.
donyates: You know Puleo wants to beat UT being from Tenn.
donyates: Missed opportunities.  Darn it.
donyates: Puleo fouled shooting  a 3.
donyates: If we can really loosen up I think we can run away with this one.
Dickeys_Nightmare: Puleo has a great looking shot, I hope so.
donyates: A win against UT would be huge for the program.  I like that Lister, Holzer and the other frosh would experience a win over them early in their careers.
donyates: 22-13 VU.  Puleo makes all 3 FTs.
donyates: Smith fouled on the fast break.
Dickeys_Nightmare: Game tracker has stalled. Yes, we need to beat the Vols. They are so arrogant and their fans beyond ridiculous.
donyates: 24-13 VU
donyates: One of the Vols hurt.
donyates: Simmons.
donyates: Somebody whistling continuously everytime UT has the ball.
Dickeys_Nightmare: Game tracker appears to be back.
donyates: 26-15 VU
donyates: We sure could use Foggie tonight.
donyates: and her athleticism.
donyates: Clarke fouled.
donyates: Clarke misses both free throws but VU ball out of bounds.
donyates: Tuomi travels.
donyates: Still 26-15 VU.
donyates: Offensive foul on UT.
Dickeys_Nightmare: Hopefully the refs will give us a chance. This team has really come on lately.
donyates: 3 minutes to go in the half.  Can't let them get a big run.
donyates: Seems pretty fair so far.
donyates: I think it helps when you have a real home advantage with the refs.
Dickeys_Nightmare: I am DVRing it, so if we win I will have a treat when I get home.
donyates: Dodged one there.  Turned it over and UT had a fast break but Lister got down there and contested the shot.  UT missed and we got the rebound.
donyates: Lister is so fast.
donyates: still 26-15.
donyates: Good grief.
donyates: Foul on UT.
donyates: 28-15 VU.  Brown cans 2 FTs.
Dickeys_Nightmare: Why is UT having so much trouble scoring?
donyates: Puleo fouls.
donyates: 37 seconds left in half.
donyates: Turnover on UT with 22 secs to go.
donyates: Tuome fouls fighting for a rebound with a second left.  My gosh.  UT gets two free throws with .5 secs to go.
donyates: misses on the 1 and 1.
donyates: VU 28-15 at the half.
Dickeys_Nightmare: Great job, ladies!


donyates: Bad start to the second half.  Rhoads walks and UT has two easy scores. 28-19 Vandy.
donyates: Clarke fouled on the layup!
donyates: Clarke makes FT.  31-19 VU.
donyates: Dumb turnovers.
donyates: 33-23 VU.  16:05 to go.  Both teams running up and down the court.
donyates: Holzer big bucket.  35-25 VU.
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donyates: 35-25 VU.
donyates: 14:59 to play.
donyates: Both teams are playing sloppy ball.
donyates: UT has a little more pep in their step.
donyates: got to avoid these lame brain turnovers.
donyates: UT gets a 3 but Holzer answers.  37-28 VU.
donyates: Holzer does it again.  39-28 VU.
donyates: UT scores a bunny.  39-30 VU.
donyates: Lister wide open for a 3 and then turns it over when she gets caught in a jump ball situation.
donyates: UT's Avant knocks Lister to the floor.
donyates: Holzer fumbles ball away and fouls on the other end.
donyates: 11:56 to go.  Still 39-30 VU. Don't let up girls!
donyates: UT cuts it to 39-33 with 11:30 to go.
donyates: Nice shot by Rhoads to put Vandy back up by 8.
donyates: Dumb foul there on a UT made shot.
donyates: UT's Stricklen  misses the free throw.
donyates: Crazy call on Lister who was mugged.
donyates: But UT's Johnson fouls Tuomi.
donyates: We need to score here.  Up by only 6.
donyates: Clarke misses the bunny.
donyates: Charge on Johnson! 
donyates: We are hanging on so far.
donyates: Tuomi just killed one of the Vol gals on a screen. Hope she's okay.
donyates: This is a slugfest.
donyates: Tuomi is choking at the line tonight.
donyates: 42-35 VU with 8:35 to go.
donyates: UT's Avant completes 3-point play.
donyates: 42-38 VU.
donyates: Puleo misses a 3.
donyates: UT makes a 3.  42-41 VU.
donyates: Lister turnover on in bounds play. 
donyates: Our 3s haven't been falling this half.
donyates: Charge on UT.
donyates: Can't make a shot to save our lives.
donyates: Need a bucket here.
donyates: Lister air ball shot.
donyates: This is like that cold spell we had toward the end at UGA.
donyates: UT leads off a 3-pointer.  44-42
donyates: Rhoads for 3!!!!  45-44 VU.
donyates: 5:02 to go.  UT gets a free throw.  45 all.
donyates: Clarke gets the roll!  47-45 VU.
donyates: It's a foul now whenver UT drives for a bucket.
donyates: 47-47 with 4:30.
donyates: UT called for a foul on Rhoads.
donyates: Rhoads needs to carry the team here.  Makes 2 FTs.  49-47 VU.
donyates: UT drives fora bucket.  49 all.
donyates: UT scores on the fast break.  51-49 UT.
donyates: Clarke misses layin.
donyates: UT by 4 now, 53-49
donyates: Rhoads turnover.  UT by 6.
donyates: 2:30 to go.  We are toast.
donyates: UT has scored 40 points in the second half after just 15 in the first.
donyates: Finally. Holzer lays one in.
donyates: Rhoads fouls.  Right now, any contesting of a UT shot is an automatic foul on whoever is guarding them.
donyates: Falling apart.  2 straight turnovers, one leading to a layup and one resulting in a foul.
donyates: Looks like we are going to end up losing this one by a bigger margin than we did  in Knoxville.  59-51 Vols.
donyates: Lister and Puleo have gone cold from three.
donyates: Tuomi for 2.  59-53 with 54 seconds to play.
donyates: UT misses a free throw but gets the rebound.  Made first.  60-53 with UT at the line for 2.
donyates: Misses both.
donyates: Clarke fouled.
donyates: VU running out of time.  39 secs to go.
donyates: Clarke misses both. I hope her confidence won't be shot again after this one.
donyates: UT's Johnson throws and elbow and gets away with it.
donyates: Johnson gets two free throws after throwing an elbow.  Makes both.  61-53 UT.  38 seconds.
donyates: Rhoads scores.  61-55, 27 seconds.
donyates: Johnson has just fouled out for UT.
Dickeys_Nightmare: Had to step away and couldn't really follow for a while, thanks for the info
donyates: We have just about blown this one but still a slight chance.
donyates: Wow, Rhoads hits jumper to cut the lead to  4 with 22 secs.
donyates: Lead is 61-57.
Dickeys_Nightmare: Glory Johnson is such a cheap shot, elbow throwing punk.
donyates: Stricklen  fouled with 21 seconds to go.
donyates: Misses 1st
donyates: Makes second. 62-57.
donyates: Rhoads misses.  Stricklen fouled again. 14 secs to go.
donyates: Make 1st
donyates: and second.  64-57.
donyates: 12 seconds.  This one about done
donyates: Puleo misses 3.
donyates: Foul on VU
donyates: 4 seconds to go.
donyates: Makes 1 of 2.  65-57 final.  UT scores 50 points in 2nd half.
Dickeys_Nightmare: Thanks for the info, I'm heading out.
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