This is a my <b>NATIONAL BLUECHIPS 2003 SENIOR NATIONAL REGISTRY</b> of some of the top National High School senior football players in the country for the football year of 2003 and the Graduating Class of 2004. I will constantly update this Database as new and current information is obtained. Several outstanding prospects who are considering Vanderbilt are included.<br>

This is a my NATIONAL BLUECHIPS 2003 SENIOR NATIONAL REGISTRY of some of the top National High School senior football players in the country for the Year of 2003 and the Graduating Class of 2004. I will constantly update this Database as new and current information is obtained. The Date of each player is the Date that he was Registered and put into this Registry.

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NOTE: ^I've seen play! Passing Test Score in Bold!


February 20 - OG/DT CHRIS BECKER^ 6-2, 285, 5.0, of Mt Airy, NC - Becker is a very active two-way player who never comes out of the game. He has quick feet and he is very agile and quick. One play that was really impressive was a play on offense where a pass interception quickly changed his situation from offense to defense. On that particular play, he chased the defensive back down the field for about 30 yards and you could really see his excellent speed and quickness for a lineman. As a defensive tackle, he recorded 67 solo tackles of which 13 tackles were for a loss. He also had 8 sacks. Favorites: NC State, Stanford, Colorado, North Carolina, Wake Forest, and East Carolina. Offers: None.

March 17 - ALL PURPOSE BACK MICAH GLEN BERTEAU^ 5-10, 171, 4.44, of Modesto Hughson, CA - Berteau is a very good-looking All-Purpose back who can play a lot of positions at the next level. He played mostly defensive back and return man as a junior, but he will play both ways as a senior. From his cornerback position, he recorded five interceptions as a junior and he ran two of them back for touchdowns. He also forced four fumbles and had four other pass knockdowns. He also recorded 55 total tackles. He was the only junior to make the All-Modesto Team. He carries a great 3.6 GPA and a 950 SAT on his Test. Favorites: Vanderbilt, Louisiana Tech, San Diego State, Tulane, UNLV, and Fresno State. Offers: None.

March 7 - ALL PURPOSE BACK CHARLES BROWN-RICH^ 5-9, 170, 4.45, of Yorktown York, VA - Brown-Rich is an outstanding little running back with great moves and great running skills. He simply glides through defenses and make defenders miss him. I really like this kid and I feel that he can play at the next level. He has excellent speed and quickness and he has a very good 34 inch vertical jump to his credit. He also had very good grades with a 3.2 GPA and a 900 on his SAT test. "I would like to play for a top football program with high academic standards and someday be a part of a Championship team," said Brown-Rich. My personal goal is to be an academic All-American." Favorites: Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia Tech. and Central Florida. Offers: None.

February 20 - DT TONY CAMAROTA^ 6-2, 250, 4.98, of Hudson, MA - Camarota is an active defensive lineman who currently is a little undersized for the next level, but he is working with a strength and speed coach who are preparing him to get bigger, stronger, and faster to make him ready to make that step to college football. As a junior defensive tackle, he recorded 31 solo tackles, 87 assists, and 2 sacks. What is outstanding is that 22 of these 31 solo tackles were for a loss. He carries a great 3.39 GPA< Favorites: Syracuse, UCONN, Hofstra, UMASS, Holy Cross, and Leigh. Offers: None.

February 5 - OC RYAN CANTRELL^ 6-4, 262, 4.98, Sugar Land Clements, TX - Cantrell is a very versatile athlete who could play a lot of positions in college. Along with Kyle Wilkerson, he is a tremendous team leader with a great work ethic. He can play guard or center on offense and his great agility and and quickness are very obvious on his highlight tape. He plays hard on every play and leads by example and with words. He helps his teammates to play at a higher level. This kid will be one of the top offensive linemen in Texas next year. "Ryan will be a great Division I player and with his tremendous work ethic, he can help any college program." said Coach Tom Miller of Clements High School. His favorite schools are TCU, Illinois, Colorado, A&M, Virginia, and Wyoming. Offers: None.

February 5 - QB CHAD DAYTON^ 6-2, 190, 4.6, Tulsa Memorial, OK - Dayton is a dynamic young quarterback, who may be one of the top quarterback recruits in the country next year. He has a very strong arm and he can really run. He was recently timed in a 4.6 in the forty at the Oklahoma Football Camp. He bench presses 250 pounds and he squats close to 400 pounds. He also plays strong safety on defense. He carries a great 4.29 GPA and he has already scored a 25 on his ACT test. "Chad Dayton is the best talent of any quarterback that I've ever coached," said Memorial Quarterback Coach Larry Miller. Early Favorites: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Stanford, Kansas, and Tulsa. Offers: None.

March 12 - FS BRENT FREEMAN^ 5-11, 180, 4.53, of Suwanee South Forsyth, GA - Freeman is a very good-looking free safety prospect who is very capable of playing at the next level. He is quick and instinctive and he makes a lot of huge plays from his safety position. In a two-year varsity career, he has already recorded 91 solo tackles and 44 assisted tackles. On film, he is aggressive and very sound mechanically for his position. He carries a fine 3.4 GPA and he will be taking his ACT test real soon. His favorites are Duke, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Southern Miss, and Georgia. Offers: None.

February 5 - TE JOHN GIBSON 6-4, 245, 4.8, of Stockton St Mary's, CA - Gibson is a very good-looking athlete who has the versatility to play a number of positions on the college level. He is starting for the second year on the varsity and he already had 58 pancake blocks after 9 games. He plays strong tackle, but with his athletic ability, he could become a great blocking tight end for some team in college. He played tight end as a sophomore. His high school coach, Tony Frank, was on the University of Cal at Davis staff for 12 years and he projects Gibson to be a guard or center on the college level. He has excellent grades with a 3.35 GPA and a Top 30% of his class. Favorites: Notre Dame, Southern Cal, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona State, and Stanford. Offers: None.

February 20 - OC/NG/DT DONALD BAKER HAINS^ 6-1, 250, 4.9, of Diamondhead Hancock, MS - Hains is a very versatile two-way player who could play a lot of different positions at the next level. He played mostly defensive tackle as a junior, but he also did the center snapping for punts, field goals, and PAT's. He is very active and he is always running to the point of attack in hopes of making the tackle. He did make 54 solo tackles, 23 assists, and 3 sacks as a junior. He also had 6 tackles for a loss. He also made 68 deep snaps for punts, field goals, and PAT's without a mistake. At the 69th Annual Shrimp Bowl, Hains was selected as the Defensive MVP. He is also an Eagle Scout. Favorites: LSU, Mississippi State, Southern Miss, Ole Miss, and Nichols State. Offers: None.

March 21 - ALL-PURPOSE BACK TRENTON HUNT^ 5-6, 170, 4.5, of Hico, TX - Hunt is a great little athlete who can play a couple of positions at the next level. I think that he is explosive enough to be given a chance to be a return man at the next level. He is small, but he will definitely surprise you as he continues to make big plays. He has accummulated 2,300 all-purpose yards in three years, has recorded 311 tackles, and has scored 28 touchdowns. He played every single down in the 2002 football season. He carries a fine 3.7 GPA and he has scored a 22 on his ACT test. Favorites: A&M, Houston, Texas Tech, TCU, Texas, and Oklahoma. Offers: None.

February 9 - ALL-PURPOSE BACK ROSS IRVING^ 5-9, 176, 4.39, of Georgetown, TX - Irving is a dynamic little all-purpose backs who can probably return punts and kickoffs for some college team as a true freshman. He also is a great receiver coming out of the backfield. As a junior, he rushed for 1,050-yards on only 150 carries and averages 7.0 yards per carry. He also averaged an incredible 27.9 yards per kickoff and 9.7 yards per punt. He has a good 32-inch vertical jump and he has done 12 reps of 185 pounds in the bench press. He attended the U.S. Army All-American Combine and was impressive. He carries a 2.8 GPA and he has scored a 1040 on his SAT test. Favorites: TCU, Colorado, SMU, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, and Baylor. Offers: None.

February 5 - QB THOMAS RAY JONES^ 6-5, 200, 4.9, of Blackstone Nottoway, VA - Jones is a tremendous pure dropback passing quarterback who has just finished his junior season. He completed 100 of 209 passers for 1,263-yards and 6 touchdowns. He is playing at a very small school and his publicity will have to be outstanding to get any recognition. He has a strong arm and he will get better as a senior. Hwe will also be attending a NIKE Camp this summer and this will help himget onto the recruiting lists. He has excellent grades with a 3.9 GPA. Favorites: Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Florida State, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, and Florida. Offers: None.

March 25 - ATHLETE ALLAN KARAFFA^ 6-0, 190, 4.6, of Scranton, PA Karaffa is a tremendous two-way athlete who could play either quarterback or free safety in college. As a quarterback, he is short right now, but his grandfather was 6-4 and he is still growing. He has a good arm and he had a very good season as a junior when he completed 166 out of 241 for 2,200 yards and 21 touchdowns. He is a very good leader and he really takes control on the football field. His 3,600 career passing yards is also outstanding. He does not play defense, but he could play that position at the next level. He carries a great 3.8 GPA and he has scored a 990 on his SAT test. Current Favorites: UCONN, Syracuse, Penn State, Villanova, Lehigh, and Purdue. Offers: None.

February 10 - QB SHANE KELLY^ 6-4, 203, 4.8 of East Greenwich Hendricken, RI - Kelly is a quarterback with a lot of potential. He runs the option and although he is not a great option quarterback prospect, he is still very effective on the high school level. He has great size and great height. He needs to develop his arm strength, but he can do that in the off-season. He is very accurate with the short-passing game with quick passeses and fade patterns, so his upside potential is very good. He completed 68 of 135 passes for 1,256-yards and 9 touchdowns. He also ran for another 391-yards and 5 touchdowns. He carries a great 3.8 GPA. Offers: None.

February 5 - RB HENRY KIRLEW^ 5-10, 188, 4.5, Orlando Cypress-Creek, FL - Kirlew is an outstanding running back who has started on the varsity ever since his sophomore season. This year, as a junior, he is getting more involved with the offense and he will be one of the top backs inthe South next year as a senior. He has already rushed for over 1,000 yards in both his sophomore and junior seasons and will probably finish as the school career rushing leader. He has a brother who is a sophomore defensive end for the Creek. Favorites: North Carolina, Florida International, Florida A&M, Georgia Tech, and Georgia Southern. Offers: None.

March 14 - ATHLETE ROBERT McDONALD^ 5-10, 155, 4.5, of Orlando Cypress-Creek, FL - McDonald is a good, little athlete who is playing quarterback for his high school football team, but he has some athletic talent that could be used as either a wide receiver or cornerback in college. He is too short to play quarterback, but he has excellent quickness that he utilizes on rollouts and scrambles from his man-under position. He passed for 664-yards in his first varsity season at quarterback, but he would like to play receiver in college. He carries a fine 3.9 GPA. His favorites include North Carolina, Georgia, Florida State, Syracuse, and Georgia Tech. Offers: none.

March 12 - K GERRY McGROARTY^ 6-2, 180, 4.7, of Wilkes-Barre Bishop Hoban, PA - McGroarty has got to be one of the top kicking prospects in the country for this upcoming recruiting season. He kicked four field goals in one game as a junior, including a 53-yarder. He has also kicked a 60-yard field goal in practice and many others in the 55-yard range. His great impact is not just from his field goals, but he kicks 85% of his kickoffs into the end zone, forcing teams to begin their offensive series on the 20-yard line. He kicked 11 field goals as a junior. He carries a 3.3 GPA. His favorites include Penn State, Notre Dame, Boston College, Illinois, Michigan, and Syracuse. Offers: None.

February 20 - WR JESSE McKEE^ 5-11, 155, 4.6, of Knoxville Farragut, TN - McKee is a good, little two-way player at wide receiver and cornerback. Although he is not very big or fast, he still does come up with big plays. He is aggressive and he does a real good job of covering on defense. One of his biggest accomplishments as a junior was to cover his All-State receiver/teammate, Jacob Brown in practice. He has a tremendous work ethic and he looks like he can play somewhere at the next level. He carries a fine 3.0 GPA. Offers: None.

February 10 - QB DANIEL MEAGER^ 6-2, 187, 4.48 of Richardson Pearce, Texas - Meager is a very talented athlete who can probably play either quarterback or another position at the next level. He completed 67 of 146 passes for 910-yards and 7 touchdowns. There was also a sure touchdown pass that was dropped on his highlight tape. He throws a little three/quarters, but this can be worked on in the off season. One thing that is really impressive on watching his game film is his running ability. He rushed for 397-yards, but he is a very effective running quarterback who could run the Nebraska option. He has a great 35-inch vertical, ran a great 4.03 in the pro-agility, and he did 10 reps of 185 pounds on the bench press. He carries a 3.32 GPA. Favorites: Boston College, UNLV, San Diege State, and Arizona State. Offers: None.

February 20 - MLB BO OLSEN^ 6-2, 225, 4.7, of Red Bank Regional, NJ - Olsen is a very hard-nosed middle linebacker who makes a lot of tackles. As a junior, he recorded 103 tackles in only ten games. He also caught 9 passes for 137-yards and one touchdown as a blocking tight end. Along with his 103 tackles, he also recorded 14 tackles for a loss and 6 sacks. He has done 21 reps of 185 pounds on the bench press and 475-pounds on the squat. He power cleans 225-pounds. He has excellent grades with a 3.73 GPA and he has already scored a 1170 on his initial PSAT. He was selected to participate in thje U.S. Army Combine. Favorites: Notre Dame, Penn State, Boston College, Virginia, Syracuse, and Rutgers. Offers: None.

March 17 - ILB TYLER PHILLIPS^ 6-1, 220, 4.7, of Suwanee South Forsyth, GA - Phillips is an outstanding inside linebacker who is quick and aggressive. He tries to make every tackle and he is always around the tackle. He also has a tremendous work ethic and he is a very good leader on the field. He transferred to the Georgia school as a sophomore and started on the Special Teams. As a junior starter, he recorded 92 tackles and was all over the football field. I really like this kid and I think that he has a great chance to become a great college linebacker. He bench presses over 300 pounds and squats over 450 pounds. He carries a 3.1 GPA and he will take his SAT test in May. Favorites: Tennessee, Clemson, Auburn, Wake Forest, Alabama, and Colorado State. Offers: None.

February 20 - ALL-PURPOSE BACK COLE RABUN^ 5-10, 177, 4.4, of Augusta Christian, SC - Rabun is an exciting little running back who is very impressive on film. He has great speed, but he is also a great cutback runner. He catches the ball out of the backfield, but he was not used very much catching the football. Whether taking the handoff deep in the backfield in the I-formation, or taking a pitch on the sweep, this kid makes huge plays and he is also a lot tougher than you would think. As a junior, he rushed for 2,497 yards and scored 28 touchdowns, while averaging a nice 8.55 yards per carry. He has a 3.65 GPA and he has already scored a 980 on his SAT Test. Favorites: Auburn, Georgia, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and Troy State. Offers: None.

February 5 - QB BRANDON ROESLER^ 6-2, 185, 4.7, Granada Hills, CA - Roesler is an outstanding passing quarterback who should be heavily recruited next year. He has a very good arm and he has great leadership skills. He was the starting quarterback on the freshman team as a freshman and was coached by Mike Madden, the son of former Raiders Coach and now TV commentator, John Madden. As a sophomore, he passed foe over 1,700 yards and 19 touchdowns on the JV. This year as a junior, he is the starting varsity quarterback. This past weekend, he completed 13 of 16 passes for 207-yards and 3 touchdowns and ran for another touchdown. This past summer, his Granada Hills team beat Monte Vista and Kyle Wright in a summer passing league. The best two players that he has ever played against are Kyle Wright and Sam Keller, two top quarterbacks in the 2002 class.

March 25 - ALL-PURPOSE BACK JOEY SAXE^ 6-1, 190, 4.55, of Magnolia, TX - Saxe is a very strong and aggressive strong safety who has a chance to be outstanding at the next level. He was a 16-5A All-District safety in 2002 where he recorded 3 interceptions and 68 tackles. Magnolia moved from 4A to 5A in 2002 and they were not supposed to win a single game, but with great leadership and athletic ability, Saxe helped lead this team to a 6-4 record. The Magnolia head coach has moved on to San Angelo, but a new coach from Klein has moved in. He is also a very good left-handed pitcher in baseball and he could play both sports in college. His first PSAT score was a tremendous 1100 and he carries a great 4.069 GPA. His dad was one of my first Attorneys that I ever used in Houston when I lived there. Favorites: TCU, Texas Tech, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Columbia, and Southern Cal. Offers: None.

February 20 - QB NICK SKEPARNIAS^ 6-2, 195, 4.7, of York Suburban, PA - Skeparnias is an outstanding dropback quarterback who had a sensational junior season and he should be one of the top recruited quarterbacks in the East. He has a very strong and highly accurate arm. He runs the shotgun, option, and man-under offenses to perfection. As a junior, he completed 106 passes out of only 187 attemps in a 9-2 season. He also had 21 touchdown passes and he ran for 7 more touchdowns. His team was so good, he only played half of the third quarter and no fourth quarters of at least eight games. At the Purdue Football Camp, he was one of the most accurate quarterbacks at the Camp and he threw the football 56-yards at the camp. He carries a fine 3.0 GPA. His favorites: Penn State, Clemson, Illinois, Maryland, Pitt, and North Carolina. Offers: None.

March 21 - ATHLETE JEREMY WILBURN^ 5-11, 180, 4.32, of Shreveport Byrd, LA - Wilburn is an outstanding athlete who will play quarterback as a senior in high school, but who could play any number of positions in college. With his size, speed, and quickness, I feel that he would make an outstanding wide receiver at the next level. He was projected to start at strong safety as a sophomore, but was moved back to quarterback when the starter was injured. As a junior, he helped lead his team to a huge 22-19 upset victory over West Monroe, giving his team a share of the District Championship. Wilburn is a born leader who gets his teammates to play better around him. Wilburn will play wide receiver in our 7 on 7 Championship Games this summer. He carries a great 3.5 GPA. Favorites: LSU, A&M, Oklahoma State, Tulane, Indiana, and SMU. Offers: None.

February 5 - QB KYLE WILKERSON^ 6-3, 190, 4.8, of Sugar Land Clements, TX - Wilkerson has all of the tools to be another highly competitive quarterback from the State of Texas. He has not gotten much, if any, publicity, but on film, he is very active as he runs a run dominated offense and throws all of his passes on the run off of a rollout. He demonstrates great leadership qualities and is very vocal with his teammates. QUOTES FROM HIS POSITION COACH: "Kyle earned the starting quarterback spot in the third game of his sophomore year," said Clements Quarterback Coach Todd Rankin, "and he earned that position because of talent, maturity, and great leadership skills. He has an incredible ability to see and understand defenses and find the open receiver. Players like Kyle Wilkerson are very Special and he is a pleasure to coach. He does everything that you ask him to do. He has the talent, motivation, and dedication to succeed at the next level."
In the run oriented offense, Wilkerson completed 54 of 123 passes for 604 yards and 4 touchdowns. Although he throws every pass on the run, he looks like he has a strong arm. I believe that he could become a great dropback quarterback in college. 3.7 GPA; He should be heavily recruited next year.

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