Interview: Hi Lewis

VandyMania talked with Hi Lewis, a former quarterback (1995-98) and graduate assistant for the Commodores. Hi is presently the Director of Athletic Programs for a very worthy non-profit Nashville organization called Backfield in Motion.

 VandyMania: Thanks for joining us.  We are excited to learn what you've been up to since leaving the program.  What years did you play quarterback?

Hi Lewis: I played from 1995 to 1998.


VandyMania: What have you been doing with yourself since you graduated?

Hi Lewis: After I graduated I joined the staff as a graduate assistant coach.  I did that for two years.  I received my Masters Degree in Education.  For the past two years I've been working for Backfield in Motion.


VandyMania: What was your fondest memory while you played at Vanderbilt?

Hi Lewis: Probably just hanging out with the guys, getting to meet teammates, road trips and that kind of stuff.


VandyMania: What was your worst memory?

Hi Lewis: I think everyone knows that one.  (laughs). 


VandyMania: What was that?

Hi Lewis: The Mississippi State game. 


VandyMania: 1998?

Hi Lewis: Yeah.


VandyMania: That was a bad day wasn't it? (VU lost 42-0)

Hi Lewis: It wasn't too good.


VandyMania: I can understand that.  Tell us a little about your organization?

Hi Lewis: Backfield in motion is a non-profit group that was started by former Vanderbilt football players Brian Gruber, Dustin Wuest, and Nashville native Joe Davis.  Right now there are 4 former players on the fulltime staff, and 5 former players on the part time staff.  What we do is we have an academic and athletic program for inner city kids throughout Nashville. 


VandyMania: What are the main functions of your organization?

Hi Lewis:  The two main functions of our program are the academic program and the and the football league.  We provide a football league for about 150 kids throughout the city.  Along with that we have a year around education program.  They go to a mandatory after school tutoring program 3 days at week at 7 different community centers around Nashville. 


VandyMania:  So what is the main goal of the organization?

Hi Lewis:  The main goal of the organization is to provide kids with all resources needed to be successful in the classroom and give them the necessary football knowledge need to take that further in life.  We also stress character development with the children and teach them to be positive role models to others in the community.


VandyMania: So you guys are actually coaching these guys?

Hi Lewis: Yes, our coaches are former Vandy players.  We have 7 teams and 150 players.


VandyMania: You played under Woody Widenhofer?

Hi Lewis: Yes I did.  I came in under Rod Dowhower, played under both Woody and Dowhower and then coached with Woody,


VandyMania: Surely you have contact with some of the current players and current staff.  What are some of the contrasts between the previous staff and current staff th Top Stories