Update on the Dudley Boys

College coaches, including Vanderbilt's, are camping out at Dudley High (NC), which has some of the best players in the nation at several positions.

Demario Pressley, a 6-foot-4, 290 pound defensive tackle, already has 14 offers from schools across the nation.

"All the ACC schools have now offered, plus Ohio State, and many other schools want to see him in person to see if he passes the eye-ball test."

With the chances of failure minimal, Pressley should expect many more offers in the near-future. However, running back Jamaal Edwards is garnering nearly the same attention from colleges.

"He has offers from all the ACC schools, plus Carolina, while Michigan should decide if they will offer this week. They want to just take one running back this year, and will use the tape they have this spring to decide."

A third player, safety Clemson, and South Carolina.

"He really has focused on Virginia. He and his family went up for their Junior Day, and he would commit now, but we want him to weight all his options to make sure the decision is the best thing for him."

With Thatch seemingly edging towards one school, are the other two focusing their attention at a specific team?

"No, not at all. They are all trying to see as many schools as possible, but with all of them involved in track (Pressley shot put, Edwards and Thatch sprints) they have seemingly missed all the spring games this year. Last weekend, they all were at Appalachian State for a track meet instead of all the spring games that weekend.

"Demario did make the Clemson and Wake Forest spring games, and Jamaal went to the Clemson game as well, but that is it."

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