Virginia Prep Star Excited to Hear From Vandy

Due to the size and physical presence this young man brings to the table, a host of programs, including your very own Commodores, have been flooding his mailbox with letters of interest early on. More details inside.

Checking in at 6-7, 300 pounds, this young man's size alone has captured the attention of college coaches up and down the east coast early on. We are talking about Matthew Gray, a 2012 offensive lineman prospect from out of Woodbridge High School. had the privilege of conducting an exclusive interview with the big guy who currently resides in the state of Virginia to get the latest on his recruitment.

"Things have been going pretty well with the recruiting process," Gray told in a recent interview, "I've been hearing from a variety of schools including Penn State, Tennessee, Colorado, FIU, Duke, Wisconsin, and Michigan State."

Gray informed us of another program that has been expressing interest in him early on. "Vanderbilt," the big OL said. "Vanderbilt started expressing interest in me a few months back actually. I've been receiving a lot of letters from them."

The rising senior out of Woodbridge High informed VandyMania that he was quite intrigued when he first learned that Vanderbilt was interested in him as a prospect. "I was very happy," said Gray. "I like the school in general. I also like the state of Tennessee. So when I first heard about them expressing interest in me I was excited."

Gray shared that he's never been to Vanderbilt for a visit, and that he isn't 100% certain as to when he'll be taking a trip to Nashville. But he has had the opportunity to visit Penn State, Duke, Richmond, and Delaware.

Although Gray has had the opportunity to visit the four schools previously mentioned, he informed us that none of them have the edge. He went on to share that he doesn't have a preference when it comes to location, being that his father is in the military. "Coming from a family with a military background, I've been moving all around the place," Gray explained. "So actually I have no preferences as far as schools (locations) are concerned. Therefore I don't have a favorite right now. I'd like to keep my options open and not pick favorites until I have seen as much as I can."

Although Gray is nowhere close to making a decision on a college destination, he is confident that he'll be a great asset to whatever college program he decides to join. "I believe I bring leadership and tenacity to the table," said Gray. "This is actually my third high school in three years, and I've had to learn how to adapt to different things. So leadership is one of the things that I've had to acquire through all of these transitions. As far as tenacity is concerned, I play in the trenches. And you have to play aggressive in order to survive."

Gray also brings a solid academic resume to the table. "My cumulative GPA currently is a 3.0," he said. "This is because of my freshman year, and I've been trying to fix that with my recent grades. I just recently finished up a grading quarter where I ended up receiving a 3.562. So I am really working hard to get up to that 3.2 minimum. My current score on the ACT is a 23. I plan on taking it again this weekend, and I am hoping to score a 27 or a 28. I think I am prepared for that. On the SAT I scored a 1550, and I plan on retaking that as well. I'd like to make a 1700 the next time."

Should things continue to get interesting between Gray and the Commodores, VandyMania will certainly bring you up to speed on the latest. Top Stories