Griffin talks commit to Vanderbilt

Tre Griffin is a talented junior DE/LB prospect from North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, GA. The 6-1.5, 235 pound prospect received his first offer from Vanderbilt not too long ago and decided to commit to the Commodores earlier this week. He also received interest from schools such as Georgia Tech, Georgia Southern, South Carolina, and Purdue.

"Vanderbilt offered me about three weeks ago on the Friday before Spring break," said Griffin. "I committed to them on the 20th, so not last night but the night before. I called Coach (James) Franklin and we talked for awhile. I then called Coach (Sean) Spencer, my position coach, and we talked also."

Last season, Griffin accumulated around 80 tackles and eight sacks. Because of his size, some were recruiting him as a linebacker. Where exactly does Vanderbilt plan to use him?

"They talked to me about playing a little bit of linebacker but for the most part defensive end," he said. "I've been talking with Coach (Sean) Spencer, he's my position coach and I'll pretty much be playing defensive end. "I want to try and go in and play early. I've been working hard to get bigger, faster, and stronger so I can go in there and play early."

Many prospects that Vanderbilt has targeted seem to recognize the top notch education that Vanderbilt offers, as well as the allure of playing in the top college football conference in America. Griffin visited a couple of other schools in the SEC but his visit to Vanderbilt is what stood out the most.

"I've been on a ton of visits like Georgia, South Carolina, and I like all of the campuses and everything," said Griffin. "But, I like how Vanderbilt is so serious about football, and its great chance to play in the SEC and against the best players in the country.

Despite visiting different schools, and wanting to not only play in a power football conference, but become a better football player, there's one factor that was the most important for Griffin.

"What made me want to commit is the education that they have and Coach (James) Franklin and his vision for the school and how much energy they have," said Griffin. "I'm just really excited about that. The education there will last forever and I will have something to fall back on after football." Top Stories