Beilinson may trip to Vanderbilt

Panther Creek High School in Cary, NC is home to one of the top tight ends in the Carolina's. Dan Beilinson is a 6-5, 230 pound junior and helped lead his team to the 4-AA State Semifinals this past season. He currently holds offers from Arizona State, Duke, ECU, Indiana, NC State, Vanderbilt, and Wake Forest. Beilinson recently shared with how the offer from Vanderbilt took place:

"Vanderbilt offered me in February," he said. "They called my coach and told him that they were offering and then my coach told me. Afterwards, I gave them some calls and we talked. Coach (Charles) Bankins is recruiting me. When he was at Maryland, he had just begun to show interest in me. He switched and then immediately started recruiting me for Vanderbilt."

Beilinson also briefly touched on what makes Vanderbilt so appealing:

"Vanderbilt offers a great education," said Beilinson. "Unfortunately, I haven't been able to come around and visit yet. It seems like the coaching staff is doing well and it's in the SEC so you don't get much better football than that."

This past season Beilinson accounted for 37 receptions for 553 yards and two touchdowns. Despite the impressive season and offer list so far, he is still an under the radar prospect. Beilinson takes a lot of pride in his studies and his grueling academic schedule has limited his chance to take a number of visits and contact different schools.

"Right now my top schools are probably between NC State and Duke," he said. "I've really just had the chance to talk and communicate with them the most. I'm pretty open still I would say and with Wake Forest and Miami (FL) coming up, I actually want to get to know them better and see if I like them. I'm going to try and visit Vanderbilt in June. I plan on going out of the country in July, so if I'm not able to visit in June then I will do it in July or August."

Beilinson plans on staying the full term during his final year at Panther Creek and by doing that he plans on forgoing the opportunity of enrolling early to a college. While he technically has until February of 2012 to make his decision, he understands that there are a limited amount of scholarships dedicated to tight ends and he understands that his decision must come sooner rather than later. He plans on making his decision during the summer but he's looking for a few things before he makes his final decision.

"Education is my number one thing in case I get injured or football doesn't go the way I wanted to, Beilinson said. " I always want to have a plan so education is my top priority. I'm also looking at the coaching staff, the people, and the relationship I can establish with them."

Miami (FL) has also hinted that an offer might take place in the near future. Top Stories