Edosomwan talks Vanderbilt

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – A rising senior at Harvard-Westlake (CA), 6-foot-8, 230-pound power forward Zena Edosomwan is the complete package on and off the court. In addition to being a superb ball player, he is a terrific student and a well-spoken young man who is mature well beyond his years.

Thus, is no surprise than many top-tier schools, both athletically and academically, are involved in the 2012 prospect's recruitment.

Edosomwan is currently at the University of Virginia for the prestigious NBPA Top 100 Camp. Yesterday, the first day of camp, he spoke with VandyMania.com and said he holds offers from USC, Colorado, Fresno State, San Francisco and Cal Poly to go along with the equivalent of such from Harvard and Penn.

The big man also listed Washington, Washington State, UCLA, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Vanderbilt, and Texas as other programs expressing interest.

He claims no favorites at this point in time.

"Hopefully this summer I'll have some bigger offers," Edosomwan said, also noting, "[Vanderbilt] said they're going to offer soon, but a lot of schools want to see me play in July."

"It's pretty important," Edosomwan said of how much of a factor academics will be in his choice. "I'm really just looking for the best mix of high athletics and high academics, so that's really it. I want to major in medicine."

Although it is common for West Coast and East Coast players to remain on the same coast for college, Edosomwan is not concerned with location.

"I'm open to anywhere, East, West," Edosomwan said. "I like the East, places like Virginia Tech."

Edosomwan, who said he has a 3.3 GPA and wants to be a pediatrician, mentioned UCLA and USC as the only two schools he has visited to date. He said he tripped to USC last Thursday or Friday and then UCLA on Monday.

This was Edosomwan's second visit to USC and he said this trip was in large part focused on "how life as a student-athlete is" at the Pac-12 program.

At this point, Edosomwan is only 100% sure about his destination for one of his five allotted official visits.

"Well, I know for sure-for sure I'm going to go to Harvard for one of my officials in September, [but] . . . I don't know where else yet," Edosomwan said.

On when he for sure wants to have the recruiting process over and done with by, Edosomwan remarked, "Definitely before my season [starts] next year."The Golden State was quite positive when talking about Vanderbilt, mentioning players such as A.J. Ogilvy and Jeffery Taylor.

In addition, he said, "I really like Vanderbilt, could see myself there."Edosomwan also said of Vanderbilt, "[I am] really looking forward to hopefully taking a visit there."He said he has yet to speak with Vanderbilt head coach Kevin Stallings, but has been in touch with assistant coach Dan Muller. Edosomwan said that Muller has seen him play, but Stallings has not."I think in July they will come see me play," Edosomwan said of the Vanderbilt coaching staff.

Edosomwan clearly still has some time before July and right now he is enjoying the NBPA Top 100 Camp."I'm really excited, honestly it's an honor [to be] invited,"

Edosomwan said, also mentioning that that he is happy to have so many NBA players there to learn from.Asked what he feels the strongest point of his game is, Edosomwan replied, "I think I'm aggressive and I like to run the floor. [That is] my favorite thing to do [and I] hustle."On his chief weakness on the hardwood, Edosomwan remarked, "I need to become a better shooter."

Whether he pursues a career in basketball, as a doctor or in a different field, Zena Edosomwan is someone who looks to be on the path to success. It seems that, that path just might include attending Vanderbilt University, though that certainly remains to be seen.

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