Vanderbilt-Florida to resume at 10 am on Tues

OMAHA-- Vanderbilt's College World Series game with Florida is in a weather delay. In the bottom of the sixth, with Vandy trailing 3-1, warning sirens blared for what was called a "high wind" warning. The game will be resumed tomorrow at 10 a.m. with two outs in the bottom of the sixth. ESPN will televise the game.

While the horns blared Vandy got two more outs before players were called off the field.

Florida took a 3-0 lead in the top of the fourth inning after a Preston Tucker 3-run home run.

Vandy struck back in the bottom of the fifth when an Anthony Gomez single scored Connor Harrell.

The loser of this game will face North Carolina on Wednesday while the winner won't play again until Friday.

Stay tuned to for more updates on the College World Series.


UF 1st: Grayson Garvin strikes out Smith. Nolan Fontana grounds out. Mike Zunino flies out. Tony Kemp almost makes a great play on a foul ball but some old fan steals the ball before he can get it.

VU 1st: Kemp strikes out. Anthony Gomez hit up the middle. Gomez advances to 2nd on passed ball. Arron Westlake strikes out. Gomez advances to 3rd on a wild pitch. Curt Casali flies out to right. 0-0 after 1.

UF 2nd: Preston Tucker reaches on an error but then get caught stealing. Josh Adams flies out. Brian Johnson strikes out.

VU 2nd: Mike Yastrzemski flies out to center. Jason Esposito reaches on an error. Conrad Gregor fouls out. Connor Harrell flies out. 0-0 after 2.

UF 3rd: Daniel Pigott strikes out. Vickash Ramjit flies out. Cody Dent strikes out. Garvin looking really sharp with his pitches!

VU 3rd: Riley Reynolds grounds out. Kemp triples to left field! Gomez tagged out on an infield pop up. Westlake strikes out. 0-0 after 3.

UF 4th: Smith flies out to center. Fontana walked. Zunino safe on an infield ground ball. Throwing error by Garvin advances Fontana to third. Tucker homers to right field to score Fontana and Zunino. Adams singles to left field. Johnson strikes out. Pigott strikes out.

VU 4th: Casali flies out to center. Yaz strikes out. Esposito grounds out. 3-0 UF after 4.

UF 5th: Ramjit strikes out. Dent tagged out at first after a bunt. Smith doubles. Fontana flies out. 3-0 UF.

VU 5th: Gregor strikes out looking. Harrell hit goes up the middle. Reynolds grounds out. Kemp walked. Gomez base hit scores Harrell! Lefty Steven Rodriguez to pitch. Westlake strikes out. 3-1 UF after 5.

UF 6th: Zunino grounds out. Tucker doubles. Adams strikes out. Tucker advances on a wild pitch. Johnson strikes out. 3-1 UF.

VU 6th: Casali grounds out. High wind warning siren blares near stadium. Yaz flies out. Game in delay.
           1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9   R H E
FLORIDA    0 0 0 3 0 0 - - - - 3 5 1
VANDERBILT 0 0 0 0 1 0 - - - - 1 4 2 Top Stories