Quotes from James Franklin Chat

Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin joined Commodore fans on VUCommodores.com for an afternoon chat session. Here are some highlights from the chat.

On Larry Smith's status as starting quarterback:

"I've been very impressed with what I've seen from Larry so far. It is hard for me to talk about Jordan because he was limited in the spring due to injury. I wanted to give Larry an opportunity to compete during camp against Jordan [Rodgers] and the freshmen. It is too early for me to say until after camp."

On the lack of senior leadership on the team:

"I don't think there is a lack of senior leadership. We don't have a large number of seniors, but the seniors we do have, I've been very impressed with. They were part of a bowl win and are excited about the opportunity to get back on the field and have success again. They've really taken ownership in the team and in what we are trying to do."

On what type of offense the team will run:

"Multiple. We are going to play to our strengths. Based on this spring we have an idea of what that is going to be, but we are still going to be developing that into camp. We have so many new players coming in that we are still trying to determine their role, but what we will be is multiple and aggressive. "

On the team's depth and ability to get it done in the fourth quarter:

"That is a great question. You are correct from studying previous games and previous seasons and what we went through this spring. The answer is a combination of both. We need to be in great shape physically and mentally and we have to be smart about how we practice. We have to make it to the games as sharp as we can. It is probably our biggest challenge. We also have to be willing to play young players so that we can stay fresh."

His thoughts on Chris Boyd and whether or not Jacquese Kirk will play WR or DB:

"I've been very, very pleased with Chris Boyd since we've arrived on campus. He is a big, strong, physical wide receiver and I think he understands the importance of his ability to step up and help the offense this year. Jacquese Kirk, we plan on starting him out at wide receiver. We are looking for playmakers at that position, but we also feel that he has the flexibility to play on defense."

On whether or not Lafonte Thourogood and Josh Grady will play at other positions if not used at quarterback:

"All three of those freshmen were recruited here to play quarterback. If their competitive nature pushes them to decide to move to another position to get on the field faster, wonderful. But we will not pressure any of them to move this year."

Has the team gotten bigger and stronger over the summer?

"According to our strength coach, Dwight Galt, we are bigger, faster and stronger. Talking to our players, they feel like they are in the best shape of their lives, and with that comes confidence. I think you will be able to notice the difference Sept. 3."

On his pre-game demeanor:

"I am emotional and passionate about what we are doing here, but you will see most of that Monday through Friday. On Saturday, I want to present poise and confidence to our team and others. But you might see an outburst of emotion from time to time."

On his ideas for getting his offense to the top of the SEC:

"Throw it deep, go for it on fourth down, fake a punt, fake a field goal, trick plays, onside kicks and players who aren't afraid to make a mistake."

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