I can't start the season without a comment about the University of Miami. How stupid for the players to become involved in something like this……or maybe not. The NCAA is matching stupidity with stupidity by slapping them on the wrist…all will play again after various missed games. One more reminder of the NCAA's lack of resolution to control the cesspool of major college sports.

LAST WEEK (0-0)-----OVERALL (0-0)

The good news….it takes the spotlight off of the SEC.

Group 1……suspension games for the big guys, to punish all the off-season transgressions without danger to the record, and money games for the lambs to the slaughter:

Kent State @ Alabama – Tide by 40.
Missouri State @ Arkansas – Pigs by 40.
Utah State @ Auburn – War Eagles by 40.
Florida Atlantic @ Florida – Gators by 40.
Western Kentucky vs. Kentucky (Sept. 1) – Mildcats by 40.
East Carolina vs. South Carolina – Gamecocks by 40.
Mississippi State @ Memphis (Sept. 1) – Bulldogs by 40.

Then there is group 2. It's rare for a single SEC team to schedule tough opening games, much less 3. They didn't get the memo about how to schedule, I guess.

Boise State @ Georgia – Playing in the Georgia Dome takes away some of the Georgia home field advantage, and the Dawgs need all the help they can get. Boise State has proven they can play, and will do so in the state of Georgia. Boise 31 – UGA 27.

Oregon vs. LSU – LSU was unable to make bail. Oregon wins this one with the sword of Damocles (NCAA) over their head. After the Miami penalties, they are probably breathing a sigh of relief. Oregon 24 – LSU 14.

Brigham Young @ Mississippi – You'd expect the SEC team to be favored, but BYU has a pretty good team, and Mississippi has had its off-season problems. Ole Miss is a home, but it won't be enough. BYU 28 – Mississippi 14.

And then there are the games that interest us most:

Montana @ Tennessee – After UGA-Boise, easily the most interesting game on the slate. Montana is a top-level FCS team, and UTK is still reeling from the Lane train era, with a big hole where Lane's recruits should be. Tennessee could lose this game, but playing in Neyland gives them the edge IF THEY TAKE THE GRIZZ SERIOUSLY. UTK 24 – Montana 20.

Elon @ Vanderbilt – New coach, new staff, new attitude. Unfortunately, until Coach Franklin can have a few full recruiting periods, looks like the same old players. While this might have been a competitive game last year, Elon has lost a coach and a lot of talent. And as bad a VU has been, last in the SEC is still much better than FCS mid-level talent. Vandy by 25 Top Stories