"I always turn to the sports section first. The sports page records people's accomplishments; the front page has nothing but man's failures." ~Earl Warren (Supreme Court Justice) Whenever I see this quote, I wonder if Earl ever figured out that for every accomplishment on the sports page, there is at least one failure.

LAST WEEK (11-1)-----OVERALL (11-1)

As if we didn't have enough to worry about…suspensions, illegal payments, probation… comes Texas A&M and realignment. Where will it all end?...Stay tuned.

Alabama @ Penn State – Alabama is ranked right up there at #2 or 3, and I see no reason they won't be there again next week. Joe Pa should have retired 5 years ago. Tide 35 – PSU 20.

New Mexico @ Arkansas – The Pigs must have been expecting major off-season violations to have two cupcakes in a row to start the season. Arkansas 41 – NM 9

Mississippi State @ Auburn – Why coaches get gray, part 1. Auburn had to score twice very late to pull out a victory over Utah State. The Bulldogs won't be as forgiving. MSU 24 – Auburn 14.

UAB @ Florida – Gators by 40.

Central Michigan @ Kentucky – Mildcats by 40.

South Carolina @ Georgia – The Dawgs statement game for this year turned into a statement for the other team. The Gamecocks will make the statement this week. USC 28 – UGA 21.

Northwestern State @ LSU – The SEC schedule says Northwestern State, but it doesn't say WHICH state. Presumably Louisiana. Tigers by 40.

Southern Illinois @ Mississippi – Why coaches get gray, part 2. Missy gave up two very late scores to BYU last week to lose by 1. Fortunately they've got a breather this week to recoup and prepare for VU. Mississippi 31 – SIU 17.

Cincinnati @ Tennessee – Tennessee is better that people think. Add that to the home field advantage and it turns into a romp for UTK. Vols 40 – Bearcats 18.

Connecticut @ Vanderbilt – VU's new-found prowess at 4th down conversions means the third down plays are not working. Add in the dropped passes and soft defenses and you a recipe for, if not disaster, at least a loss. This game will point toward the outcome for the rest of the season, and the outlook isn't brilliant for the Nashville 11. UCONN 28 – Vandy 23. Top Stories