US News and World Report's ranking of national universities is out. I don't have an intern to do the research for the SEC vs. the other conferences, but of note is VU at #17, with the next closest SEC school Florida at # 58. Our friends to the East are lurking just outside the top 100, while the Mississippi schools bring up the rear at #143 (Miss.) and #157 (MSU).

LAST WEEK (8-2)-----OVERALL (19-3)

"Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things."

Winston Churchill

North Texas @ Alabama – I hope North Texas is getting well paid to come to Tuscaloosa.
Alabama 63 – North Texas 6

Troy @ Arkansas – Troy plays SEC teams every year, to no avail, but I suppose the money's good. Arkansas 42 – Troy 14.

Auburn @ Clemson – After Georgia and MSU, this probably seems like a breather. It's not. Probably another 3-point pull-it-out-in the-fourth-quarter game for the Plainsmen. Auburn 27 – Clemson 24.

UTK @ Florida – The Vols are feeling good and flying high after beating two overmatched opponents. I'd invest in a good parachute company, as the Big Orange will need a bunch of them after being knocked back to earth. At least Swamp land is soft. Florida 31 – Tennessee 14.

Coastal Carolina @ Georgia – The Dawgs couldn't handle the South of Carolina last week. Presumably they will have an easier time of it with the Coastal part. UGA 55 – CC 6

Louisville @ Kentucky – Before the season, this looked like an easy win for the Mildcats, but UK is looking weaker than expected. On the other hand, the Cards don't look so hot either. Two teams on the way down…UK 21 – UL 10.

LSU @ Mississippi State – The State bubble burst last week against the Plainsmen, and stays busted against LSU. LSU 38 – MSU 17

Navy @ South Carolina – Lattimore runs wild. Chickens by 45.

Mississippi @ Vanderbilt – Coach Franklin says this isn't the "Same ‘Ol Vandy". Well, this is his first big chance. A true pick ‘em game. Each team has a few strengths and weaknesses, most of which have been exposed the last few games. I want to pick VU, but the nightmare 3rd quarter last week (-15 net yards) keeps haunting me. On the other hand, this game could come down to coaching, and if it does, there is no contest. Vandy 21 – Mississippi 13. Top Stories