Now that Texas A&M is in, with speculation on adding a 14th member very soon, the problem of scheduling rears its ugly head. Some are speculating on 9 conference games per season, which, in my opinion, would be a total disaster. With this much inbreeding, the mutants in "Deliverance" will look tame.

LAST WEEK (7-0)-----OVERALL (33-5)

"Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do." Dale Carnegie

Nobody would schedule competitive out-of-conference teams, except maybe for the major rivals….Ga-Ga Tech, SC-Clemson, Fla - FSU, etc. With 9 conference games, it's gonna be a conference game or a cupcake.

Alabama @ Florida – Headliner this week. Florida looked spotty against Kentucky last week. That's not going to cut it against the Tide. ‘Bama 28 – Fla 13

Arkansas @ Texas A&M – Welcome to the SEC. I'd love to have the first official meeting for A&M be a beat-down, but Arkansas just doesn't have the capability this year, especially on the road. TAMU 24 – Pigs 17.

Auburn @ South Carolina – Scoring only 21 points on a Vandy team that had 75 yards in total offense is a bad sign. South Carolina can be had, but not by Auburn. SC 24 – Auburn 10.

Mississippi State @ Georgia – MSU has seemingly never recovered from LSU and Auburn losses, making it easy for Georgia. UGA 31 – MSU 17

Kentucky @ LSU – Mildcats are really living up to their nickname this year, and LSU is a beast. LSU by 38

Mississippi @ Fresno State – The hot seat just keeps getting hotter for the Mississippi coach. Will he last out the year? Fresno State 28 – Mississippi 17

Buffalo @ Tennessee – What's the over/under on empty seats for this game? Take the over. Tennessee by 55. Top Stories