While the Olympians struggle for football supremacy at the top of the heap, the little guys are still scurrying around trying to become bowl eligible. VU needs to win two out of the last four, UTK needs to win 3 out of the last four…It could get interesting down among the bottom feeders.

LAST WEEK (4-1)-----OVERALL (55-11)

MTSU @ UTK – Justin Worley will probably be proclaimed as the second coming of Peyton Manning after shredding the defenseless Blue Raiders. Means nothing. UTK 45 – MTSU 10

New Mexico State @ Georgia – How remarkable that "Violation of team rules" resulting in 1-game suspensions came to light just before the New Mexico State game. Isn't serendipity wonderful? Georgia 42 - New Mexico State 14.

South Carolina @ Arkansas – South Carolina has too many problems to go on the road and beat a good SEC team. Arkansas 28 – South Carolina 17 UT Martin @ Mississippi State – This will get real ugly real fast. MSU 53 – UTM 3

Mississippi @ Kentucky – This game takes the place of the epic VU-UK struggles of past years to determine the worst team in the conference. Mississippi seems to have improved a bit over the last few games, but the Mildcats seem to be turning into the Mildkittens. Mississippi 24 - UK 10

LSU @ Alabama – Can the game itself possibly live up to the season-long anticipation? The teams and their talents are evenly matched. This one comes down to on-the-field coaching, and in this category, Saban wins hands down. Crimson tide 31 – Bengal Tigers 27.

Vanderbilt @ Florida - Florida of today is the not Florida of yesteryear, but neither is Vandy. However, speed kills, and Florida has it to burn. Vandy's DB's will not stay with Florida's receivers, and Florida's DB's will cover the Commodores like the dew, and speed at linebacker will make life extremely difficult for Rodgers when he tries to run. Gators 28 – Vandy 20 Top Stories