VU is 3-34 in the last 10 Novembers, and 1-15 in the last 16 final home games of the season. There are lots of reasons, but probably the main one is that by the time November rolls around, there is nothing to look forward to except calculus finals and the Western Civ paper due after Thanksgiving.


LAST WEEK (5-2)-----OVERALL (60-13)

Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever. 

Lance Armstrong 

Louisiana Tech @ Mississippi –  Even though they have appear to have quit, Mississippi  should have enough innate talent and residual pride left to eke out a narrow victory.  Mississippi 24 – La Tech 13

Florida @ South Carolina  –  It's hard to care about this game.  Neither team has much sizzle, after all the injuries and such.  I don't think South Carolina can score enough to beat Florida, no matter how good their defense is.  UF 20 – SC 13

Auburn @ Georgia – The Doggies are on the road to Atlanta, looking forward to being swamped by LSU.  Georgia 28 - Auburn 17.

Tennessee @ Arkansas –  Not only does Tennessee not have a 1000-yard rusher, they don't have close to 1000 yards rushing as a team.  When you can't run the ball, and are relying on an inexperienced quarterback to throw the ball…well, that's a recipe for disaster.  Arkansas 34 – UTK 17

Western Kentucky @ LSU –  Not a good time to be playing the number 1 team in the country.  LSU 59 – WKU 17

Alabama @ Mississippi State – Oh boy, will the Tide ever be mad.  State can slow them down, but ultimately Alabama will wear them down, and they will be engulfed in a Crimson Tsunami.  ‘Bama 42 – MSU 20.

Kentucky @ Vanderbilt  -  Bobby Johnson's team signature was to play like zombies in November.   Coach Franklin had a preview in the first half against Florida last week.  I doubt it will happen again.  VU 31 – UK 17. Top Stories