Interview: Kevin McCoy

Florida All-State offensive tackle Kevin McCoy has two schools leading for his commitment right now. The 6-6, 280 pound Armwood High School product has just made his official to the University of Central Florida and is getting ready for his last official visit to Vanderbilt

Stan Jones: How was your visit to UCF?
Kevin McCoy: I had a blast, it was a great time. They are in my top two.

SJ: Talk about your recruitment from Vanderbilt.
KM: Coach Beatty was my recruiting coach there at Vanderbilt, but he left there to go to Illinois to become the offensive coordinator. Coach Hand kind of took over for him, I guess because he's the O-line coach and he will be my position coach.

SJ: How many offers do you currently have?
KM: Ten.

SJ: Who are the leaders right now?
KM: Vanderbilt and UCF.

SJ: Down to those two?
KM: Yes.

SJ: I understand that you've scheduled for your official visit to Vanderbilt. Have you been to campus before?
KM: Yes, I will be there on the 27th. I actually came to campus before, I went there last summer. I think it was July 16th. I stayed for three days and had a chance to meet all the coaches and Coach Frank. I got to tour the campus and stuff. It will be more of a re- visit for me and a chance for my parents to visit the campus. They didn't get to visit last time.

SJ: How is your relationship with Josh Grady?
KM: Great, we talk and text each other at least every other week. We talk very often and he would really like for me to come there and his Dad does too.

SJ: Do you have any friends or teammates that go to UCF?
KM: No, I really don't, but here at Armwood we go to UCF every year for football camp as a team, so Coach Cal is real close with the staff there and really knows them well. He has told me that they are really good school and they are a really good school. It's really odd how I have friends with such close ties to each school like Grady at Vanderbilt and with Coach Cal and UCF. Both of them know their staffs so well so I'm kind of trusting my team here with each's word about each school. I know they are both really good schools.

SJ: I understand that you want to study in the Forensic Science field.
KM: Yes Sir.

SJ: What field of study is offered at Vanderbilt that you would want to pursue?
KM: They offer Nursing Forensics. If I go there it would be that or something in the Medical field. If they don't actually have Forensics I don't have a problem pursuing something in the medical field. They both interest me.

SJ: When do you expect to make a final decision on where you'll go?
KM: If I decide that I know before signing day, I will, but with signing day so close to my visit to Vanderbilt and coming home I might as well wait until signing day. It will probably going to be signing day before everyone knows where I'm going to go.

SJ: What will be some of the most important things that will play into your decision such as location or proximity to where you live?
KM: I live in Tampa and Orlando is an hour and half away, but I'm not worried about distance away from home, it's not about distance at all on where I'm going to go, it's where I need to go and where I will succeed as a student athlete that will make up my mind. I'm really close to my parents and their opinion is very important to me, but it's not like they will tell me to go, but I value their opinion on where I should go.

SJ: What position has the staff targeted yo to play at Vanderbilt? You stayed at right tackle in high school correct?
KM: Yeah, they definitely want me to play at offensive tackle but I don't know if it will be right or left yet. Coach Frank said if I need you to be at left tackle he would put me there. He said they really need tackles and I looked at the depth charts and they have a lot of good lineman there but a lot of centers and guards but not a lot of tackles. If I want to play early there might be a chance at tackle. I will for sure play tackle there.

SJ: How did it feel to win the 6 A State Title there in Florida?
KM: It was great, my brother played and started at running back on the Armwood team that won back to back titles in 2003 and 2004 so we always go back and forth and he would give me a hard time about winning it. We made it to the championship game my junior year and lost so it didn't want to go back and feel that way again, losing to a team that I know we should have beaten but didn't. Especially at that level when it was all or nothing. I was really happy and proud of the team and myself. I owe it all to my coaches because I don't think I would be who I am without them or in football period. It was great to go fifteen and 0 and cap it off with winning a state championship ring and medal. It was great. Unbelievable.

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