Caleb Azubike talks official visit

Nashville resident, Caleb Azubike, was on campus last weekend to take his official visit to Vanderbilt. Living in the city provided Azubike ample opportunity to meet many of the recruits at Commodore games. Although he committed in July, it was last January when he first met with James Franklin about becoming part of the program.

"It was exactly a year ago yesterday when I sat down with Coach Franklin," said Caleb Azubike. "I was there for the Vanderbilt-UT basketball game. After the game we went in his office, and he offered me. I liked his demeanor and honesty. The only assurances he gave me [that day] was they were going to work hard and try their best."

Azubike bought in to what Franklin was telling him even before the change could be seen on the field and committed on the same day as fellow Nashville-native Cory Batey and Brian Kimbrow.

"This weekend was a time to reconnect with guys I already consider to be old friends," Azubike said. "Chris Moody, an athlete from Georgia, was there. He committed over the weekend [to Vanderbilt]. I think he saw the camaraderie and confidence this group has and wants to be a part of it. I don't blame him."

Azubike has formed friendships with all of the incoming freshman class. The two players he's gotten closer to are two Georgia players, Josh Dawson and Ladarius Banks.

"It was great to spend time with the boys," Azubike said. "There's about a 99-percent chance I'll room with either Josh or Ladarius. It was good to touch base with everybody though.

"Our goal was to get to be friends before we hit the field. When we get there the goal will be about getting to work to go get this championship."

Azubike spent some time during the visit talking with his future defensive line coach, Sean Spencer, who he also calls a "life coach."

"They call him ‘Chaos' around Vanderbilt," said Azubike of Coach Spencer. "He's crazy, hyped, and intense. He wants to get you ready to dominate.

Coach Spencer is a great coach for me to be positioned with because our personalities fit well together. On the field I'm live, active, rowdy. My motor's always running."

Azubike made 117 tackles and 10 sacks in only 10 games at McGavock. He was named First Team All-State (Tennessee AAA) and All-Nashville Metro Defensive Player of Year.

Azubike's post-season play included the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl in Dallas and the Tennessee All-Star Classic in Jefferson City, Tenn. Now Azubike is training to get in shape for camp at Vanderbilt this summer.

"The coaches don't want me to redshirt," Azubike explained. "They want me to come in and work hard and play right away as a freshman. I'm not running track this year. I'm only doing the shot put and discus.

"I'm working on my hips and explosiveness. If I want to play I know I need to be in the best shape possible going in, otherwise I'll be at a great disadvantage. I've already added 18 pounds since the season ended. I'm at six-foot-four, 250-pounds."

Azubike will sign in the school's library on signing day and attend an after-party in McGavock's Hall of Fame with his classmates, teachers, and his parents.

One of the big factors in Azubike's decision to choose Vanderbilt was the Premedical Program. He graduates high school on May 20th and will be on the campus in Nashville for good on June 2nd. Top Stories